Carry Me. (cameron dallas)

Brooklyn is the most popular girl in school with tons of friends. One day she meets Shawn and everything changes after one night under the bleachers.

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4. singing for sickness

Brooklyn's POV

I woke up with cameron coughing really bad.

"Are you okay?" I asked running in the kitchen.

"I just think I got a cold from the rain last night."

He said coughing some more.

"Here I will make you some soup and you go lay in bed." I said rubbing his back.

He slowly got up the stairs and hopped in my bed.

I made him some chicken noodle soup. And some Coff'e.

"Here you go." I said putting the tray on his lap.

"Thank you. Can you *coughs* sing at all." He said.

"A little. What do you want to hear?" I asked smiling.

"Happy Little Pill?" He asked drinking some coffee.

"Perfect." I said

In the crowd, alone

And every second passing reminds me I'm not home.

Bright lights and city sounds are ringing like a

I stopped and saw that he had gone asleep. I put away my guitar and walked down stairs to get some snacks.

I heard a noise at the front door and grabbed my hockey stick.

"Who's there?" I asked

Suddenly I was tied around the mouth and tackled by a man wearing orange shoes.

I heard cameron run down stairs and then I blacked out.

( queen of cliff hangers bitch!)

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