Carry Me. (cameron dallas)

Brooklyn is the most popular girl in school with tons of friends. One day she meets Shawn and everything changes after one night under the bleachers.

Find out more by reading!


1. homecoming game

Brooklyn's POV

"Come on brookie we need to get going if we are going to make it to the game!" Madison said pulling my arm with her.

"Bitch get off my arm!" I said in a playful tone.

"Fine but can we please get going we have to pick up Chloe and Fallon on our way!" Madison said annoyed as fuck.

"Let's go." I said grabbing my mustangs keys.

Madison got shot gun as I began to drive to Fallon's house.

I really hope the cute wide receiver Cameron is gonna be at the game.

Maybe tonight I will put on my junior charm.

"Get in bitches it's time to watch a triton high football game!" Chloe shouted jumping in the back with Fallon.

"Madison you choose the radio station." I said

Of course she chose 178.5 the beat

"YASSSSSSS. THAT MY JAM!" I shouted as octahate by Ryn Weaver came on.

Finally we pulled up to the school.

"Hey me and Madison are gonna go look for chase and mason to give them some good luck teasing." Chloe said grabbing her purse

"Fine meet us at the top of the bleachers." I said as Fallon cut in.

"Actually I just started dating Ray so I'm gonna wish him luck." She said.

"Fine meet the single bitch on the top row in 20 minutes." I said angry as what

They waved while running off

I wish I had a boyfriend. I never was the dating type ever since my parents who are drug addicts sold me to be a sex slave. Let's just say I have not been very active.

Luckily I got out before they could kill me.

I grabbed my keys and started walking through the crowd when I large man in a football uniform ran me down.

"I am so sorry. Come into the locker room and I will fix your cuts." Cameron said

"O-Ok " I said dizzy.

Cameron led me into the locker room where luckily no one was.

"Here hold this ice pack on wear it hurts and I will stop the bleeding on your knee." He said smiling at me.

"I will be fine go to your game." I said crying a little

"No. Here come on." He said as he led me to the private booth.

"Stay here until you feel better. Meet me under the bleachers 20 minutes after the game." He said.

*kisses cheek*

"Thanks for the good luck kiss. Maybe later I can get a real one." He said as he runs off to the game

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