Experiment of Life

[Poetry Competition]


1. Life.

If life is an experiment,

where are the variables?

Are they evident?


People come and people go,

places change, people age,

And you adapt as you grow.


Feelings vary through the years,

there’s love, there’s loss,

there’s joy, and tears.


The conditions change, from time to time,

Different settings, journeys new,

no set paradigm.


And the subjects shift,

in the focus of life,

some a curse, some a gift.


Some say happiness comes from within,

but I name it the dependent variable,

changing to reflect life’s every whim.


But there’s one thing I seem to miss:

If life’s an experiment,

where’s the constant in all of this?


Is the constant life, breathing, living?
Is the constant you, existing, here?

Is the constant love, growing, giving?


Is the constant intangible?

Is it time, or place?

What is the unchanging variable?


What does humanity all somehow share?

What connects us to each other,

and throughout our lives is always there?

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