In The Distance

A town that never lets the people escape. No one knows if the people who do try to escape make it or die.


8. Chapter 8

       Next thing I knew I was on a bed buckled down. I could sort of now move my arms and legs. My muscles felt off but then again, I did get fluid pumped into them. I still just sat there trying to figure out how to escape when the door opened. This time it was a new doctor. "Hello." He said but this man wasn't as smiley as the other one. "How are you feeling?" He asked "Oh just great." I said with a obvious sarcastic smile. "Well, you didn't even get past the first wave. The first wave has just begun." This time he had a smile. "Why do you think I have the potential? You know to be the best "formed' human?" I asked. "We just see something in you that we don't see in anyone else."  "Wow I feel special." He started pulling stuff out from a tray, probably for my next test thing. "Well now we're working on making you stronger. You will have to go through a lot of tests for this." Oh how great. I didn't see any machines in this room though. Then he pushed my bed thing out the door and down the halls. Oh wow I'm portable. Then I tried slipping my ankle out of the buckle that held it down then the other ankle. And when we got in the room he moved to the bottom of the bed and I kicked him right in the chest and he fell. Yes! then he got back up but this time I kicked him right in the head and he passed out. Then I slipped my wrists out of the other buckles and just like that, I was free. I grabbed a couple things from the room just in case someone came after me. I snuck out of the room and down the halls. Then I ran towards the doors. Crap. They were locked. Figures. Lucky for me I grabbed the ID from the guy I knocked out. Then I swiped it and I was out. Now for finding my family. 

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