In The Distance

A town that never lets the people escape. No one knows if the people who do try to escape make it or die.


6. Chapter 6


      So next thing I knew I was tied up I'm this room, great. It was complete darkness other thank this machine thingy in the back with a like enclosed bed thing where people, meaning me oh boy what fun, lay down in.

      Then the door slowly opened. Man, was I ready to kick some butt. "Hello." Said a smiling bald man in a black coat said."So glad your here." "Yeah, not by chose." I muttered. "Oh I know cause you wouldn't agrees with what we're doing to you here." My gosh was this man annoying. Where the heck was I in the first place. "Oh if your wondering where you are your in the H.F the Hero Foundation. We call ourselves heroes cause we feel like we're helping." First of all, no duh  I was wondering where I am, and second of all your not hero's. "Why am I here?" I asked impatiently. "We believe you have the potential to be the best formed person on the world." "What do you mean by formed?"  I​ asked. "Oh, we're gonna make you the strongest most powerful person on the face of the planet." Oh that's all. "Our fist step is taking you to that machine witch is going to pump fluids into your muscles making you handle the pain, enough, so we can make these changes to you." He said still smiling that ugly grin of his at me. He pulled out a needle from a tray and waked up to me.'' Don't worry he said you'll be as good as new." Crap. As he put the needle in my arm I couldn't move anything. Then he started untying me and picked me up of the chair and brought me over to the bed machine thing. As he lifted the lid of the bed he stuffed me in there. "No, please." I pleaded. "Please." "This is for your own good." He smiled. Then closed the lid and left the room


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