In The Distance

A town that never lets the people escape. No one knows if the people who do try to escape make it or die.


3. Chapter 2

      So we left for the journey at about 4:30 am. I packed everything I wanted like my phone, cat ( his name is Scotchy) plus a lot of other junk I just wanted to bring.

      So the we were on the journey. Now if this were the truth I would say that the bees were buzzing and the birds were singing but hey we're not in a fairy tale. It was pretty dark out and pouring like crazy. I was soaked.  Nothing unusual for me.

      "How long is this trip gonna take?" Josh complained. "We've only been on foot for about 15 minutes. Suck it up, its only gonna get worse." I said. Just so you know my brothers not the sporty type. About 15 minutes passed without lazy bones complaining. "I'm tired." he moaned. "You can go sleep in the poison ivy." I said debating whether If I should just push him in there. Well just about 4 weeks and 6 and a half days

      When it was about 10:30ish pm we found a tall tree to sleep in where no one would find us. "So do you think we're going to get caught?" I said with concern in my voice. We just haven't seen my dad in years. "We should be fine sweetie. Just stay down if you ever see anyone." mom said. "I just wanna see dad so much. I haven't seen him in what seems like a million years." I could see Josh's eyes tearing up. So you know me being the loving sister that I am I went to go over to hug him. "It'll be alright.' I whispered "Just go to sleep and everything will be fine."

      As they fell asleep I could sorta make out the wall. Oh dad, I thought. I cant wait to see you.




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