In The Distance

A town that never lets the people escape. No one knows if the people who do try to escape make it or die.


2. Chapter 1

"Rise and shine." I heard mom say outside my room. I reached over to look at alarm clock. 3 am! By the time I got down stairs my brother was there. "Well don't you just look like a little ray of sunshine?" he snarled. I snarled back. "So how'd you sleep?" my mom said while cooking breakfast. "Oh just great until you came and woke me up at 3 in the morning. Anyways why are we up so early anyways?" I said while stuffing French toast in my mouth. "Well..." Mom paused "we might go today." she had a almost scared face. "Go where?" I said confused. Josh, my brother, jumped in, " To that wall thingy." Today? Why today? I almost asked but mom cut me off. "Honey.........your dad actually called." Silence filled the room. My mouth was open wide in surprise. He called? My dad called! I thought to myself. "So when are we leaving this crazy town?" I smiled.

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