Tale Weaver's Top Tens: Henchmen

Behind every great villain, or rather in front of them, are the henchmen. While the villain of the show laughs manically, they do half if not all the work, and when a hero needs to get to the villain, then they get mamed, or killed to protect their boss. Be it a right hand man or an expendable minion, with an good personality or just straight up iconic. They don't seem to get as much attention as their evil masters, so today I'm going to countdown the best of the 99% that help make all evil plans possible.


11. Honorable Mentions

     Hey there! I'm sure some of you are unpleased about my list. Also I'm sure I may have left out some other henchmen you think are one of the best. Please, give me your thoughts in the comments and I'll list your recommendations here. I might make a second volume including them. Also if you have any ideas for another countdown, speak up.


Honorable Mentions

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