Tale Weaver's Top Tens: Henchmen

Behind every great villain, or rather in front of them, are the henchmen. While the villain of the show laughs manically, they do half if not all the work, and when a hero needs to get to the villain, then they get mamed, or killed to protect their boss. Be it a right hand man or an expendable minion, with an good personality or just straight up iconic. They don't seem to get as much attention as their evil masters, so today I'm going to countdown the best of the 99% that help make all evil plans possible.


5. #6

Team Rocket


     "Prepare for trouble! And make it double!" Hearing those words lets you know you're getting a helping of ham and cheese. Jessie, James, and Meowth are the lovable Henchmen of Team Rocket. What do they do? Follow a ten-year-old around trying to catch his lvl 100 Pikachu; with no avail. These guys are nothing short of mustache-twirling villains of old. Every one of their plans are nothing short of petty, but no wants their pokemon taken from them.

     I put Team Rocket this high, because they're just so fun to watch. I could care less about Ash. He's got the appeal of stale bread. We got James the more well verse of the three and possibly queer, who wants to prove himself more usful to the world. Jessie who is very vain about herself and her pokemon, and even has goals of her own. Last and not least, we've got Meowth, the one of the only pokemon in existed capable of non telepathic human speech, who usually comes up with their heists.

     And for some reason sounds like an Italian mobster.

     Sometimes I end up rooting for Team Rocket to win either out of spite for Ash or because Team Rocket deserve to win some of the time. They work hard and think hard for each of their dastardly schemes, are able to pull giant mechs out the ass, only to lose all the time. But they're very persistent. They're still trying to catch Pikachu after 16 years. And that what I like about Team Rocket, they refuse give up just like Ash refuses to age.


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