Tale Weaver's Top Tens: Henchmen

Behind every great villain, or rather in front of them, are the henchmen. While the villain of the show laughs manically, they do half if not all the work, and when a hero needs to get to the villain, then they get mamed, or killed to protect their boss. Be it a right hand man or an expendable minion, with an good personality or just straight up iconic. They don't seem to get as much attention as their evil masters, so today I'm going to countdown the best of the 99% that help make all evil plans possible.


6. #5



      What's slimier than Wormtongue, but solid as metal? Starscream, that's who! I didn't watch much transformers as a kid, and don't really care for the Micheal Bay movies, but I still loved transformers. They were just a cool concept, that was already done before, but that's besides the point. These aren't Go-Bots, these are Transformers!

      I'm sure everyone's familiar with some of the heroic Autobots and sinister Decepticons. Many Decepticons usually play second banana to the big man Megatron, but one of them rises above the rest with the ambition of a Shakespearian villain.

     Starscream has always been known as Megatron's 2nd in command who simultaneously tries to take him down on a daily bases (I guess that's why he's a Decept-ticon.) *Cricket noises* I did watch some transformers and Decepticons always stuck out more for their design. Starscream as a favorite who not only turns into a fighter jet but has this sliminess to him that gives him a love-hate vibe. Even when he thinks he's won, or killed Megatron he always gloats before he gets knocked down to size for the cycle to repeat. I guess Megatron keeps him around because he knows he's not much of a threat. Even in the Bay movies he still retains some of his griminess while the others are devoid of anything interesting; either that or incredibly racist.

      He's not as strong as the other transformers, but his shifty nature keeps him ahead of the rest and so close, yet so far from being nothing more than Megatron's bitch.



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