Tale Weaver's Top Tens: Henchmen

Behind every great villain, or rather in front of them, are the henchmen. While the villain of the show laughs manically, they do half if not all the work, and when a hero needs to get to the villain, then they get mamed, or killed to protect their boss. Be it a right hand man or an expendable minion, with an good personality or just straight up iconic. They don't seem to get as much attention as their evil masters, so today I'm going to countdown the best of the 99% that help make all evil plans possible.


7. #4


(Despicable Me)

     WHAT!!!!!! MINONS AREN'T NUMBER 1?!?!?!?!?

     Yeah let me remind you that this is still my list and comes from personal preference, and, all and all, I don't really like the minions that much. There's really not much to them. They're one of the funniest on this list I can give it that. All that they have going are how iconic they have become that they completely steal the spotlight from Gru in the Despicable Me series and even got their own movie. If your curious, I think the DM movies are okay, but the Minions movie was pretty bad. The minions themselves aren't enough to hold up their own film yet they're the most memorable things about Despicable Me.

     But I digress. Apparently these little... things have existed since the beginning of time serving under a master, and throughout history, have served under the command of people like Napoleon and Dracula; which is pretty unique. Eventually they end up serving Gru as his minions, getting involved with his heists and other shenanigans.

     Then there's Minionese, which I still think is the dumbest made up language. No matter how many times you tell me this sounds like that, I'm still pretty sure the writers just wrote gibberish and called it a new language.

     Overall minions don't have much to them. I'll never really get why people like as much as they do, but I would be lying to myself if I said they were the best henchmen ever.


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