Tale Weaver's Top Tens: Henchmen

Behind every great villain, or rather in front of them, are the henchmen. While the villain of the show laughs manically, they do half if not all the work, and when a hero needs to get to the villain, then they get mamed, or killed to protect their boss. Be it a right hand man or an expendable minion, with an good personality or just straight up iconic. They don't seem to get as much attention as their evil masters, so today I'm going to countdown the best of the 99% that help make all evil plans possible.


9. #2

 Harley Quinn


     Hello Nurse!

     In all seriousness, Harley Quinn's spot on this list is well deserved. How couldn't she? She's the Joker's right hand woman/fuck buddy. The Joker goddamnit! Harley made her debut in the beloved Batman:The Animated Series cartoon, which I love with a passion. She was personally designed to fit the personality of her long-going voice actress, Arleen Sorkin, as the Joker's partner in crime. 

     So what is it that makes Harley Quinn one of the best henchman, or woman in this case? Well aside from her noticeable,           physical,       succulent,         features *drooling*. I realize that there are some women who might get their 1D printed panties in a bunch. But that's still a lot more to Harley than her looks. 

     As already stated Harley has been the Joker's sidekick since the animated series, and the show made sure to go into depth of her and the Joker's relationship and origin. She started out as a psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum and took an interest in the clown prince of crime as he smooth talked his way in her heart until she helped him break out and committed herself to a life of crime alongside him.

     Now it seems that these two would be a couple at first glance by anyone, but multiple scenes from the show reveal the what really goes on between the two and it ain't pretty. Have you ever seen a dysfunctional or abusive relationship? Well these two aren't far off. The Joker constantly manipulates, berates, even beats her, yet she's still loyal to the bastard as if everything is alright.

     So what makes her a great henchman? I guess it's that even though she's loyal to a man how could really care less about her, her devotion makes her a perfect minion to have under your wing. And what could be a better henchman than would who will always stay by your side?


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