Home is in Hogwarts: First Year

This is the start of Lily and Kendra's life. There is an unfinished story about their 6th year, but this is the start.


1. Welcome Home

Lily woke up early, brushed her hair, brushed her teeth, got dressed and mounted her broom.  She flew high in the clouds to avoid muggles.  Kendra on the other hand, over slept, didn’t even touch her hair and just plopped a mint in her mouth.  Her tooth brush was already packed.  She stayed in her pajamas and ran to Kings Cross station. She ran through the pillar and began looking for Lily on the platform.  She saw Lily was already on the train.  She figured she should join her so boarded the train and entered the same cart.  “Hi Lily!” Kendra shrieked.  “Hey Kendra,” Lily said.  Kendra wanted to control herself, but the questions flowed out. Even though they were both entering as first years, Lily has been to Hogwarts a few times previously. She had special meetings with Dumbledore.  “I know I’ve been here before,” Lily said.  “But this is different, I’m finally going to be a student. I’m finally going to be sorted!,”

They continued talking when a boy with messy brown hair and round wire framed glasses appeared.  “Er, do you mind?” he said as he pointed to the seat next to Lily. “No, not at all,” Lily said.  He sat.  “My name is Lily, Lily Macy and this is- “ Kendra interrupted “I’m Kendra Smith,” The boy smiled.  “I’m Harry, Harry Potter,” Lily smiled. I was right she though. Right again. Maybe it’s true.  Maybe my mother gave it to me.  Ron opened the door and sat beside Kendra.  Lily snapped back to reality.  “Hello Ron,” She said.  “Hi Lily,” Ron said as his ears turned red.  “This is Harry Potter” Kendra said.  Ron’s eyes showed amazement. “Do you really have the—“ He paused. “Scar?” he whispered.  Harry nodded and pulled up his hair to reveal it.  Ron was attempting to turn Scabbers yellow, but it wasn’t working. Lily was teaching Ron a different spell when a girl opened the door.  “Oh, attempting to use magic? Let’s see then,” She smirked.  Lily flawlessly preformed a spell to turn Scabbers yellow.  “Anyway, has anyone seen a toad? A boy named Neville has lost it,”  They all shook their heads.  “We should get our robes. I think we will be their soon,” Lily said.  The girl narrowed her eyes and walked away.

The train stopped and they got off.  All the first years gather around Hagrid. They boated across the lake and entered Hogwarts.  McGonagall explained the sorting ceremony to them and they entered the Great Hall. The sorting started.  Malfoy was sorted into Slytherin and winked at Lily.  Harry Ron and Hermione were all sorted into Gryffindor.  The hat was placed on Lily’s head.  The hat was debating on which house to place Lily.  She has characteristics in every house.  She was very selfless and hardworking, she was smart and wise, she was charming and somewhat deceptive, and she was extremely brave.  10 minutes and 17 seconds later, the hat yelled out “Gryffindor!” the house cheered.  She was a hat stall.  When the hat was placed on Kendra’s head, it debated Hufflepuff or Gryiffindor.  It had to figure whether her bravery came from her kindness or her kindness from her bravery. “Gryffindor!” It shouted.  And Kendra joined her best friend at the Gryffindor table.

  The next day, classes started.  Hermione knew almost all of the answers to the questions the teachers asked.  Lily knew all of them. There was sensed tension between the two of them, but no one said anything.  During free period, Lily went broom riding.  It always calmed her.  She saw the Gryffindor captain Oliver Wood.  “Hello,” she said.  “My name is Lily Macy and I play a fair Keeper.  I understand you have that position filled already but er, I was wondering if I could come to practices possibly to improve more,” She smiled.  Wood looked at her.  “Yes, I suppose that would be fine, and I’ve seen you play.  I think you could be my fill in,”  He said.  She smiled and walked away. At dinner she shared the news and discovered Harry had been made the Seeker.  They continued talking and Kendra said how she made the Astronomy team. Kendra loved astronomy as much as Lily loved Quidditch. They realized how much they loved Hogwarts. They realized Hogwarts is their home. 

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