Home is in Hogwarts: First Year

This is the start of Lily and Kendra's life. There is an unfinished story about their 6th year, but this is the start.


2. Lily the Keeper

 A few weeks later, Lily went to Quidditch practice, it did not take long before it was evident the Lily was a great Keeper.  She was even better than Wood.  That was the problem.  Fred and George were talking to Wood.  Lily and Kendra couldn't make out what they were saying but they could hear Wood.  "I'm the Captain! I'm the keeper!" He shouted. Lily walked away not wanting to be in this swarm of drama. She returned to the common room and prepared to play in the Quidditch game next week.  She didn't know how or why, but she knew she would play.

The next day, Kendra overslept.  She overslept so much that she completely missed breakfast.  She ran to her first class: potions.  She was only a minute late, not even. 42 seconds late was all.  Any other professor would have let it slide, since she was a first year.  Not Snape though, he would not let it go.  "Miss Smith, just because you are friends with the class celebrity does not mean that you can waltz into class whenever you please," He said coldly.   "I-I'm sorry sir.  It wont happen again,"  Kendra didn't mean it but she said it anyway. Lily wouldn't have.  Lily was brutally honest.  She never lied, not straight out anyway.  The words she spoke were always true, but how someone interpreted them was up to them.

"Since it seems no one has been paying attention, pop quiz, make a sleeping drought potion.  No talking," Lily and Kendra hadn't been paying attention, but that didn't matter.  They were both great at potions.  Kendra was naturally good and Lily found a way to be good at everything.  At the end of class, when Snape checked the potions, he was saying something wrong with everyone's.  Ron completely failed and Harry stirred the wrong way and wrong number of times.  He got over to Lily and checked her's. "Good, but," He studied the potion, trying to find something wrong with it but he couldn't.  The same with Kendra. 

It was now time to play Quidditch.  It was breakfast and Fred and George came over to Lily.  "Lily, you're in this game," they said together. She grinned.  "Why?" She had to ask.  "Well, let's just say Wood had some sleeping drought in his pumpkin juice," George replied.  So that's why Fred wanted her cauldron.   To use her sleeping drought.

At the game, Gryffindor was doing great.  Especially the first year keeper and seeker.  Then something peculiar happened.  It seemed as if Harry's broom was jinxed.  The crowd was confused, the players were confused.  Everyone was confused except for two people.  Once Harry finally got back on his broom, he caught the snitch almost instantly.  In his mouth.  The game ended and Gryffindor won 310-0.  Lily didn't let a single quaffle in.

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