"What's wrong? What's happening?"
"Just some complications."
Beth and Harry? Great match. But things are complicated. And how are you supposed to fight complications when they have been part of your relationship from the start?


7. 7

[Beth's P.O.V.]


Suddenly there were bright lights and a load honk as we crossed the road. I felt myself be shoved forward, stumble and fall. The was a sharp pain on my elbows and knees, but I somehow knew that it wasn't important at that moment.

There was a thud and a groan. I was still being blinded by the white light  and I shielded my eyes, fearing the worst. And I got it.

Lying a few metres away was Harry, his eyes fluttering closed. I screamed, running towards him.

"Harry!" I breathed. He wouldn't wake up and I tried to shake him, but nothing.

"Harryyyyy!" I whined faintly. But I knew that he wasn't going to open his eyes. I gave him another soft shake, turned around and screamed:

"Someone get an ambulance for God's sake!"

I couldn't see anything. The idiot who had hit Harry hadn't turned off his headlights I supposed.

"There, it's okay. They're on their way, love." a masculine voice said. My eyes were blurry with tears, so I couldn't make out a face. I could tell that it was an elderly man, though. I shook my head, wiping my eyes. Then I knelt next to the lifeless Harry again, ignoring the fact that my dress was ripped.

"Harry." I whispered urgently. Still nothing happened. If he was dead.... I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what I would do if he didn't come back. I didn't know anything. How could such a perfect night end like this? I started sobbing, taking hold of his hand and stroking it. I needed something to hold on to.

"Hey, are your elbows okay?" asked the man.

"I'm fine." I sniffled.

Suddenly the road was flooded with blue light and I couldn't hear anything other than sirens. Lots of strangers ran up to us and everything seemed to be blurry and in slow-motion. I soon found myself in the back of an ambulance, getting my elbows and knees checked. Harry had been taken away in a different ambulance.

"Where's Harry?" I kept asking, but nobody answered. I was starting to get frustrated but everyone just told me to sit still and wait.

When we arrived at the hospital, I burst out of the van, ignoring the yells and orders, just in time to see Harry being wheeled into the building. I sprinted after him, catching up and jogging beside the stretcher. I couldn't stop my tears from flowing.

"How is he? Is he alive? What're you going to do with him?" I enquired, half sobbing.

"Ma'am, get off him please, he's going to have an operation now. Please leave." someone told me coldly.

I stopped jogging and fell back, sinking to the floor.

"HE HAS TO BE OKAY. TELL ME HE'S OKAY." I screamed after them. They just ignored me and turned the corner. Then the people who had been in the ambulance with me caught up and swarmed around me, their voices buzzing. I couldn't understand a single word, though. I could only see Harry's pale face in front of my eyes. His eyes closed. Oblivious to everything around him.

I was taken to a quiet room so the staff could finish treating me.

"I'm fine. It's only a few grazes. I need to see Harry." I rambled half-heartedly.

Nobody took any notice and when everyone was satisfied, I was taken to the waiting room with the information that my parents would be arriving shortly. I sat myself on a chair miserably and  the room blurred again. There was absolutely no way I could stop my crying. I picked at the bandages on my legs and watched the minutes tick by  on the clock.

"BETH!" someone suddenly shrieked.

I looked up to see my mum running towards me frantically. My dad came jogging after her, not to mention the girls who were sprinting too. I was engulfed in a big hug, my mum sobbing, making my hair wet. Everyone else was crying too. Tears of happiness, I assumed.

Dad hugged me tightly, quickly wiped his eyes and apologized:

"I have to go again, love. I just got a short break off to see you, I have to go back to talking to the idiot who did this. He's not even ashamed, that little shit."

His eyes hardened when he mentioned that, then he gave me a sad smile, patted my head and walked off again. Of course he was busy, being a policeman. The girls then came forwards, hugging me tightly.

"I'm so glad you're okay." mumbled Fawz, hugging me even tighter

"Well, at least not lying on a hospital bed, dying." Karime added, tears slipping from her eyes. Laura said nothing, but she didn't seem to want to let go of me, so I took it that she was relieved too.

"But Harry didn't look too good." I cried. I just wanted him to be okay. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if he died.

"Shh, it's probably fine. I don't think he'll die or anything." soothed Karime.

"He's going to be a bit bashed up, but other than that, I'm sure he'll be okay." added Fawz, stroking my back reassuringly. Laura still wasn't saying anything, just hugging my arm tightly. I nodded at them. It was nice of them to try to cheer me up.

"Laura?" I asked, a little concerned. Normally she didn't act like a clam. She looked up at me, her face glazed with tears.

"We could've lost you." she whispered

"You could have been seriously hurt." she said a little louder.

"Where is the asshole that did this?!" she then half shouted.

"Probably going to jail after her dad is through with him." remarked my mum quietly.

This seemed to calm Laura down a little and she let go of me.

Suddenly a stranger in uniform came up to us and told us to follow her. We did as we were told and I could feel my excitement growing. We were led into a white room with medical instruments lying everywhere.

Then I saw Harry.

"Harry!" I squealed, running up to him. He didn't open his eyes. I took his hand, feeling a little disappointed. Why wasn't he opening his eyes? Why wasn't he wearing that dorky smile?

"What's wrong?" I asked the doctor, who was standing in a corner. He came out of the shadows just as Harry's mum and sister entered the room, crying.

I quickly got over the shock of being in the same room as them, then focused on the doctor again.

"I'm afraid Mr. Styles is in a coma."


[Harry's P.O.V.]


I could hear everything. All the voices, all the sounds. Why couldn't I open my eyes then? I was trying as hard as I could, but it seemed impossible.

Suddenly there was more commotion and I heard footsteps.

"Harry!" squealed a voice, which I recognized immediately. It was Beth! I felt a small hand take mine, warming it up. I wanted to squeeze it, so I could let her know that I was alright. I was still alive. I just had to find a way of getting my goddamn eyes open. And moving. What was wrong with me?

"What's wrong?" asked a voice worriedly. It was Beth again. I wanted to know too. I really wanted to know! Why couldn't I move an inch?

There were more footsteps and I could hear crying. I felt saddened immediately. I didn't like it when others were sad. Why was everyone sad? I wanted everyone to be happy. Suddenly another hand took my other hand. I knew that it was my mum. I knew that hand so well. I had held it for so many years. Someone was stroking my hair, their fingers shaking.

"I'm afraid Mr. Styles is in a coma."

Beth's hand tightened around mine. The stroking stopped. My mum's hand went limp.

A coma. So that's why I couldn't move. God, this was frustrating.

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