"What's wrong? What's happening?"
"Just some complications."
Beth and Harry? Great match. But things are complicated. And how are you supposed to fight complications when they have been part of your relationship from the start?


5. 5

[Beth's P.O.V.]


When we were stuffed with waffles, Nutella and icing sugar, we leaned back to discuss the day.

"I was thinking that we could go to a theme park." I suggested.

"Oh my God that would be so fun!" exclaimed Laura.

"Yeah, it would." agreed Karime and Fawz nodded.

"There's one called Flamingo Land, it's about an hour away from here. I'd rather go to Thorpe Park but that's over four hours." I explained.

"Flamingo Land!" giggled Fawz and I chuckled.

"But that sounds good, when do we leave then? And how?" asked Karime.

"My mum said that she would drive us there and pick us up again, but she doesn't want to stay." I replied. Speaking of the devil, my mum walked into the kitchen and smiled at us:

"Did you sleep well girls?"

There was a murmur of 'yes' and 'thank you' and she nodded.

"So I don't know if Beth told you, if you're going to a theme park, I'll give you all a lift."

"Yeah I actually just told them, thanks." I said, then turned back to the girls.

"Shall we get ready then?"

They all nodded and we went back upstairs to brush our teeth and finish off. When we were all ready, we headed back down, where my mum was waiting for us, car keys in hand. We hurriedly pulled on our shoes and coats and got in the car. The drive went by quite quickly, but I wasn't surprised. We listened to 1D music the whole time, singing along once in a while, laughing when we did it weirdly on purpose. My mum just chuckled and rolled her eyes, but we were having fun, it wasn't forbidden was it? When the topic came to jokes, the car was filled with hysterical laughter. I could hardly breathe from cackling.

"Wait wait, I have one." gasped Laura.

"I went to a really emotional wedding the other day."

She waited a second before adding:

"Even the cake was in tiers."

Fawz, Karime and I giggled at her, covering our mouths.

"Aw, Fawz is getting emotional too, look at her." Laura cooed. It was because the girl had tears in her eyes from laughing so much. We just chuckled even more at her.

"Wait a second." stated Karime.

We now turned to her.

"So my brother the other day. He's still young right? And I asked him when his birthday was and he-"

She had to stop for a moment, but was then able to carry on:

"He said 'I don't know, they didn't tell me.'"

We couldn't help but laugh at that too and my mum sighed and mumbled:

"Such happy girls."

It probably wasn't meant to be heard, but everyone heard it and the laughter just got more hysterical.

"Anyway, girls we're here now, you can get out and have more fun." she stated and we looked out. She was competely right, we were officially at Flamingo Land.

"C'mon people! Thanks a lot for getting us here, by the way!" cheered Laura, tugging Fawz after her. Fawz stumbled a little as she was dragged out, but thankfully didn't lose her balance.

"Watch out Laura or you'll have poor Fawz on the floor." scolded Karime. Fawz shot Laura an annoyed look, brushed herself off and followed me.

Laura hurried up to Fawz and apologized:

"I'm sorry my beloved daughter, I didn't want to hurt you."

I hugged Fawz to me protectively and glared at her, pretending to be angry.

"Great, now my fiancée doesn't like me either." she sighed. Then she turned to Karime and pouted:

"Do you still love me?"

She gave a short 'no'. As predicted, Laura hid her face dramatically moaning:

"What have I done?"

We rolled our eyes at her. Drama Queen. We just kept walking and soon we were all back to normal. As soon as we had got our tickets and were inside the theme park, we stood there, not sure what to do first.

"Hey, look at that one. What's it called?" asked Laura excitedly. She was pointing at an orangey red rollercoaster.

"That's Mumbo Jumbo. It's quite good." I told her.

"Is everyone up for it? Or do you want to try some less wild rides, you know to warm up a bit?" she enquired.

"I'd rather warm up a little then actually. I don't really wan't to start with loop-the-loops thank you very much." Fawz stated, raising her eyebrows a little.

"What about Navigator?" I suggested, pointing at the disk-like ride.

"Alright then." she agreed. I looked at Karime and she nodded too.

"Navigator it is, then!" announced Laura and marched off towards the ride. Luckily there weren't a lot of people in the park and the waiting didn't take long. When we were buckled in, my tummy felt a little on edge, like it did on the first ride every time we went to theme parks.

"This is going to be so fun!" squealed Laura.

"Hey, let's all hold hands so we're not holding onto the seats. It'll be more fun!" I exclaimed. The ride hadn't even started yet but I was full of adrenaline. I just loved theme parks. The girls agreed to doing that and as soon as the last two hands had  been joined, the ride started.

We were turning around, getting higher and higher, when I remembered.

"OH MY GOD, HOW COULD I FORGET?" I yelled, trying to make myself be heard over the screams.

"WHAT?" shouted the other three.


"OH MY GOD HOW COULD YOU FORGET?" they then screamed, incredulity plain in their voices.

"LET'S TALK WHEN THIS IS OVER." I yelled. I didn't hear more from them, so I took it that they agreed. We enjoyed the rest of the ride, yelling with the other people. But when it was over, the girls cornered me immediately.

"You met Harry? And you forgot to tell us?!" Karime yelped.

"I'm sorry, please, don't be cross with me!" I begged.

"Of course we're not, but you have to tell us all about it, you lucky girl." Fawz declared.

So I told them everything, every little detail. When I had finished, I couldn't imagine how I could've forgotten to tell them. Maybe because it all felt so natural. Talking to him, walking next to him, hugging him.

I was woken by my trance by Laura yelling:


This caused quite a few passersby to stare at her, but she didn't notice it. Maybe she was used to it.

After that we moved on to trying out a second ride. We decided on Mumbo Jumbo this time. Like that the afternoon passed, going on rides, having an ice cream, eating a late lunch and going on even more rides.

When it was six o'clock, we headed back to the entrance to find my mum waiting for us.

"Did you have fun?" she questioned and we nodded eagerly, getting into the car.



[Harry's P.O.V.]


I had now been looking for her house the whole afternoon. Beth's, I mean. There were about half a dozen Beth's in this town and I had already visited five houses. It probably wouldn't have taken so long if I hadn't got lost so often, though. Not to mention the fact that I had had to sign about thirty autographs already. The last house was five minutes away and I headed in that direction. Haha. It could only go in ONE DIRECTION now. I chuckled at my own joke and walked a little faster. I really hoped it would be this house. It would be really awkward to ask whether Beth had been to buy Nutella this morning, get a weird look and recieve a 'no' again. I could only hope though.

Suddenly it started raining and I remembered that I had forgotten to take an umbrella with me.

"Well this is perfect." I grumbled. If my Beth really did live where I was going, I would look like a soggy mess. It was also getting dark. I had to hurry up.

I quickened my pace, ignoring the fact that the rain was falling harder and that my clothes and hair was drenched.

"One more corner to go...." I muttered to myself. When I had turned that corner, I started looking at the house numbers, so I could find the house that matched the one on my sheet of paper. When I at last found the house, I was freezing and wet. I rang the doorbell and waited, shivering slightly. I heard a distant yell:


It sounded like a woman. Maybe her mother? I heard some footsteps, then the door opened and I saw her again. My eyes widened as I took in her appearance. With the light coming from behind her, she really looked like an absolute angel.

"Um hi." I stuttered. Why did she affect me like this? I didn't normally get this nervous about a girl.

"Harry! Come in, don't stand outside, geez it's pouring!" she remarked. I stepped past her, feeling the warmth of the house wash over me.

"Karime!" she yelled.

There was a faint 'yes' from upstairs and she went on:

"Chuck down a towel, will you?"

I could hear footsteps, then suddenly a towel flew down and Beth caught it. She handed it to me, looking worried and I wrapped it around myself.

"Are you okay? Why are you here?" she enquired and I put up a hand to stop further questions.

"Beth, I'm fine. Just fine." I said, looking into her eyes. She blushed, but didn't look away.

"I uh- I just came to um-" I stuttered.

"What?" she narrowed her eyes curiously. I took a deep breath and tried again:

"I just wanted to say that.... That I think you're really nice and um.... I'd like to get to know you better." I ventured and she blushed again and smiled.

"So um.... I guess what I wanted to say was.... Ugh ok, I'm not going to beat around the bush any longer. Beth, will you go out with me tomorrow evening?"

Her eyes widened and she looked utterly surprised, yet overjoyed.

"Of course I will, Harry!" she responded. I could definitely say that I felt like flying to heaven, pulling all the angels down and showing the world that none of them could come anywhere near the one in front of me. I beamed at her:

"Great! Will 'Central Park' be alright?"

She grinned and nodded. I smiled back and we giggled like toddlers. I was so happy. I could spend the whole evening with this funny, beautiful and generous girl tomorrow! Who in the world wouldn't want that?

"Well, maybe I should leave now. I guess the other girls are waiting for you." I smiled. She chuckled and I put up my hands:

"Don't get me wrong! I'd rather stay, but I don't want to impose on your hospitality."

She giggled and shook her head, but nevertheless, lead me back to the door. When she had opened it, I gave her the towel again and still smiling, she whispered:

"Thanks Harry."

I leant in and kissed her on the cheek, then pulled back and whispered:

"My pleasure. I'll pick you up at seven then."

Then I turned and walked back down the drive, turning once more to wink at her cheekily. When I had turned the corner again, I sighed relieved. That went well.



[Beth's P.O.V.]


Shaking slightly, I closed the door again when he was no longer in sight. Was this a dream? Had this really just happened? Harry, Harry Styles, had just asked me out! I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't. Why did this happen to me? Why me? I was just a girl who liked drawing. I wasn't famous or anything. Suddenly there were three screams and Fawz, Karime and Laura came sprinting down the stairs.




I couldn't help but squeal with them. And the best thing was, they weren't acting all jealous and sulky. They were actually happy, really excited. That was one of the reasons I loved these girls.

Suddenly Laura started singing 'We Are The Champions' for some reason.

"What're we doing here talking and singing? We have to sort out your outfit, girl! We need you to look even more beautiful for him tomorrow!" Fawz exclaimed.

Then my mum coughed to make her presence known.

"Who was he, Beth? He seemed like a nice guy."

We giggled at that and I explained:

"He's Harry Styles. You know Harry from One Direction, the band we love?"

She then covered her mouth in disbelief.

"You know, if he breaks your heart, I'm going to get your dad to put him in prison." she declared seriously.

"Mum! I'm sure he won't, he's like the sweetest guy ever!" I protested.

"Still. Anyway, maybe you should wait with the planning. You have a whole day for that tomorrow and tea's ready."

Laura's eyes widened as she looked into the kitchen.

"Is- is that-" she gasped.

"Yes it is." smiled my mum.

"Chicken Parmo." I finished.

We then all made our way to the table and spent our evening with more laughter.

"You know girls, maybe you should try to scream a little less when Harry comes by tomorrow." my mum suggested.

"Sorry ma'am." apologized Laura.

"No can do." added Karime.

"But we can promise to do it after the two love birds have left? So that we don't ruin it for them." said Fawz.

"Aww guys." I grinned.

"But we'll have to scream at some point." remarked Karime.

"A fangirl has to let her feelings show." defended Laura.

"Alright then. But close all doors between us and make sure that the windows aren't open." my mum sighed.

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