"What's wrong? What's happening?"
"Just some complications."
Beth and Harry? Great match. But things are complicated. And how are you supposed to fight complications when they have been part of your relationship from the start?


27. 27

[Harry's P.O.V.]

I opened my eyes, blinking in the sudden bright light. Was it my phone again? I whined and squinted at the scene in front of me. It wasn't my phone. I sighed, seeing that the sun had woken me up. Then I smiled, realising that Beth was snuggled into my side. I put my arm around her, carefully bringing her closer. She was a light sleeper and I didn't want to wake her up. I took a good look at her face and grinned at how cute she was. Especially asleep. Listening to the sound of her breathing somehow calmed me and put me at ease. Unable to resist, I leaned down and kissed her nose. I pulled back quickly to check if I had woken her up. Safe.

That was when I got an idea. I would make the little beauty some brunch seeing as it was nearly eleven.

"She must be tired," I breathed, trying to get off the sofa without moving too much. Which proved to be a very difficult task. In the end I decided to do some sort of backwards roll over the back. I landed in a heap on the carpet, but it was so soft that the bump was muffled.

Standing up, I brushed myself off and checked on her again. She was still asleep. I was really, really lucky at the moment. Smiling at my success, I tiptoed towards the kitchen. A floorboard creaked.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," I chanted under my breath, turning around slowly to realise that I had still not woken Beth up. Today was really my lucky day. I finally stepped into the kitchen and looked around, wondering what I could do. I had to make sure it wasn't something that made a lot of noise. I searched the cupboards, hoping that no one would mind what I used. I relaxed when I reminded myself that I could replace anything I took. Well, I thought, feeling slightly guilty about my sexual sense of humour, I wouldn't be able to replace Beth's virginity if I took that. I scrunched up my nose, scolding myself for jumping to the dirty jokes immediately. I decided to forget it and keep up my search. As soon as I had opened the second cupboard I discovered some croissants. Bingo. Jackpot. Whatever people said. I stopped for a moment, wondering why people compared success with betting and games. Shrugging, I told myself quietly that humans could be pretty weird. I counted the croissants as I laid the packet on the table. Four. Perfect. Two for each of us. They could represent the two in a million thing. Because I would make them so extraordinary that they truly were like nothing we had ever tasted before.

Feeling boosted by my confident thoughts, I put the plastic wrapper from the croissants in the bin and turned on the oven, smiling at how easy it was.

"Well, I can turn anyone on," I mumbled, giggling at how cocky and self-satisfactory it sounded. I quickly found something the croissants could be on while they were in the oven and placed them evenly on it. I pulled the packaging out of the bin again and looked for the bit where it said how long they needed at which temperature.

"The croissants are pre-baked, so free yourself of dealing with the whole unnecessary process of complications and stick them in the oven for five minutes at 200 degrees," I mumbled, reading out loud. I froze for a second, trying to hear whether what I had just heard had been me or Beth. Silence from the living room. Breath of relief. Quiet fumbling as I nearly dropped the packaging in a food bowl for dogs.

At last able to shove the croissants into the excruciatingly hot furnace of an oven, I sighed in relief, watching them for a minute. I liked watching things that were in ovens. It was somehow fascinating and relaxing at the same time. I decided to peek around the door frame to check on Beth once more and smiled when I caught sight of her peaceful face. Still sleeping. I frowned, worried that I had completely knocked her out of her sleeping schedule by waking up last night. I reminded myself to force her to have a nap at some point today. Sleeping was healthy anyway.

I became mesmerised with the way she quietly breathed in and out, her chest rising and falling to the same rhythm. Her cheeks were slightly flushed and a strand of hair had fallen across her face. She looked so untroubled. And that made me happy.

Tearing my eyes from her, I checked on the croissants, noticing that they only needed one more minute. I pulled some plates out, then started counting down in my head, feeling the anticipation build up in me like it did before a show. It was funny that I was as excited about this as I would be about performing to a stadium filled to the brim with people. I had my hand ready at the timer before the last ten seconds, determined to be so quick, it would hardly get a chance to beep at all. Eight, seven, six, five, four, the number of croissants in the oven, three, two and-

The oven made a loud noise that wasn't very easy to place.

"Shut up, shut up, shut up," I hissed, punching the button that was supposed to make it stop. I exhaled sharply when it stopped at last, wondering why it hadn't stopped when I had pressed the button. That was when I realised that the light inside the oven had been going on and off while I had been boxing it. How smart of me.

I put two croissants on each plate, scavenged the cupboards for Nutella, found it, a knife for spreading it, found that too and then returned to my working space, feeling slightly stressed. I had to get this done quickly and neatly. I opened the jar with a professional air, literally stabbed the sweet, brown substance inside it and dug some out. I stopped immediately, remembering that I hadn't even cut the croissants open yet. Sticking the Nutella back into the jar, I opened a drawer with my other hand, finding a suitable knife at once.

"Good," I muttered, cutting into the soft and hot pastries. When I had made an opening into all four, I flung the knife into the sink next to me and grabbed the knife with Nutella again. I managed to spread it evenly inside the croissants, getting the slightly molten effect I had been hoping for. After having chucked the Nutella knife in the same direction as the other knife, I grabbed the plates and jogged into the living room as quietly as I could. I stopped when I saw Beth was still sleeping. What was happening? I shuffled over to the sofa and set the plates down on a small table next to it. I sat down next to my sleeping girlfriend and kissed her on the forehead softly, then on the nose, then on her mouth.

"Hey sleepyhead, it's past eleven," I whispered, tucking the strand of hair I had noticed earlier behind her ear. She stirred, but didn't say anything.

"Dude, what are you on, you're a light sleeper, remember?" I chuckled, kissing her temple. She murmured something and rubbed her eyes, squinting as I had done.

"Harry?" she said, sounding impossibly cute with her 'hi, I've just woken up' voice.

"No, Niall," I giggled, helping her sit up.

"Why are you up already?" she asked quietly, still getting used to the light.

"It's eleven, that's why," I pointed out, showing her my phone to prove I was telling the truth. Her eyes widened and she seemed to wake up completely and immediately.

"What? It's eleven? Why didn't you tell me?" she demanded, trying to pull the blanket off her.

"Shh, you needed sleep and plus, I made you and I something to eat," I beamed, presenting her with one of the plates. She grinned as soon as she saw the Nutella oozing out of the croissants.

"Hey, don't be that enthusiastic about the food or I'll think you prefer Nutella to me," I warned her playfully and she rolled her eyes, taking a bite of hers.

"Thanks," she then added to her pleasure-filled silence, her voice slightly muffled because her mouth was full of food.

"No problem beautiful," I smiled, at work on my own croissants.

There were a few minutes of quiet, the only noises available were the sounds of us eating or swearing when a crumb fell onto the sofa.

"That," Beth then sighed, leaning back and putting her now empty plate on the floor, "was a beautiful experience." I giggled and and finished off mine, smacking my lips appreciatively.

"My pleasure," I then grinned, putting my plate on top of hers.

"You're so cute," she then continued, gesturing to the plates.

"I'm not cute, I can be really bad, you know," I huffed, feeling like she had just insulted my manliness.

"You're a big softie and you know it," Beth stated firmly, pointing a finger at me, the ghost of a laugh in her words. I pouted, but then got an idea. I smirked and moved so I was sitting on top of her.

"Wow, that was bad," she commented sarcastically, poking the dimple that had appeared on my face. I rolled my eyes and leaned towards her, giving her a long, lingering kiss. Then I moved my mouth to her ear.

"Are you sure I'm a softie?" I muttered, trying to sound as seductive as possible. I leaned back and watched her expression carefully. But she wasn't giving up.

"I'm 100% sure," she said resolutely. I smirked again, leaning forwards to kiss her again.

"We'll see," I mumbled against her lips.


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