"What's wrong? What's happening?"
"Just some complications."
Beth and Harry? Great match. But things are complicated. And how are you supposed to fight complications when they have been part of your relationship from the start?


26. 26

[Harry's P.O.V]

I woke up, somehow feeling winded, but still comfortable. For a moment, I was still, wondering where I was and what was happening. I could definitely say I was confused. Everything was dark and I felt warm. Looking out of a nearby window, I saw stars and the moon. Okay, it was night.

I sat up and immediately regretted it when I saw someone falling to the ground. Then I remembered where I was. I was at Beth's place. And it looked like we had fallen asleep on the sofa. And I had just made Beth, who had been laying comfortably on top of me, which explained the slightly breathless feeling in my lungs, fall to the floor. I gasped and stood up, careful not to step on her or anything.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, are you okay? Beth? Are you alright?" I breathed, helping her get up and brushing her off as she blinked, trying to see in the darkness.

"I'm fine, stop worrying, you dork," she then smiled tiredly, sitting down on the sofa again. I sat next to her and put an arm around her, smiling when she automatically rested her head in the crook of my neck.

"I think we might have fallen asleep on the sofa," I informed her sheepishly, holding back a giggle.

"It definitely looks like it, what's the time?" she yawned, dragging her hand over the soft fabric of the piece of furniture we were on, probably looking for her phone. I fished mine out of my pocket and turned it on.

"Oh my god, turn it off, turn it off," I whisper-yelled immediately, squinting in the sudden bright light coming from the object in my hand. She chuckled and turned it off again for me, leaving me to blink the light out of my eyes.

"I hate that, I really hate that," I whimpered, the darkness getting blurry as my eyes got watery. I could get pretty emotional when I was tired. All I wanted to do was to curl up and cry because of the stupid phone and its stupid bright light.

"Aw, Harry, it's just light," Beth cooed, probably hearing my voice waver. I pouted and sniffed, burying my face in her neck.

"I need a cuddle," I mumbled, hearing her giggle because my hot breath tickled her neck. She wrapped her arms around me and I sighed contentedly. I could hear her suppress another giggle and smiled. It was one of my favourite sounds, after all.

I didn't know how long we sat there, but at some point Beth's tummy rumbled. Loudly.

"Okay, I'm hungry, let's look for something to eat," she stated, standing up and waiting for me to do the same. Only then did I realise that my stomach had also felt somewhat empty for a while now. I guess I had been too wound up over the bright light to notice. I stood up and followed Beth into the kitchen, seeing her feel the wall to find the switch for the-

"Light!" I whined and turned around, walking back to the sofa with quick, but quiet steps. I felt like a vampire, afraid of the light.

"Harry, come on," Beth called as quietly as she could.

"Noooooooo," I moaned, my voice muffled because I had hidden my face in a cushion.

"Come on, I've got chocolate," she ventured, obviously tempting me. I sighed. It was chocolate.  I stood up and valiantly made my way to the kitchen again, the prospect of chocolate keeping me from running back again.

After having stood in the doorway for a few minutes, blinking until my eyelids got tired, my eyes got accustomed to the bright light and I trudged over to Beth, who was still looking in the cupboards. I turned on my phone to check the time again, considering the fact that I hadn't even been able to perceive it properly before.

"It's one seventeen," I mumbled, earning a nod from Beth. She continued her search for food, leaving me to sit down at the kitchen table and wait. I turned on my phone again and decided to scroll through Twitter. Maybe I could tweet something random. I liked tweeting stuff you couldn't directly understand, unless you had been with me sometime during the previous ten hours.

I sighed, considering a few possibilities, then decided on something simple. Like always.

Avoiding the light.

I leaned back, satisfied with myself, and watched my notifications blow up. That was mysterious enough, but not too shady.

I decided to scroll through the comments on my tweet, knowing it was probably smarter not to do so, but still doing it. One could say, as people put it, I was living the thug life. The first few comments were compliments and people asking if I could follow them. I really did want to follow them, but that would just result in them getting hate. And I didn't want to put anyone through that. It could get tough.

And that came to show itself in the next bunch of comments.

Dirty womaniser.

Wow there was someone with some creativity, I thought sarcastically. I kept reading.

I hate you.
How do people even like you.
Harry can you pleaaaaaase follow me?
Dude, no one understands what you tweet, mind letting us know what this is all about?
Again, my frog son has presented his ability of completely baffling us with his intellectual nonsense.
Wut iz diz shit.
You're so sick, I can't even begin to understand how people admire you.
You know, I used to like you, but now you just disgust me. You've disappointed us all.
You're a weird frog. I like that.

I frowned. Why did people always compare me to a frog? And what was the deal with the frog son thing? I scrolled on, noticing that the word 'frog' appeared in at least a third of the comments.

"Beth, what's up with the frog thing?" I whined, looking back at her. She was carefully bringing a load of food over to the table. I jumped up and helped her immediately, feeling bad for not noticing that she was struggling a bit.

"Thanks," she panted, blowing a strand of hair away from her eyes. I nodded and sat down again, fatigue washing over me. Then I looked at the array of food she had brought.

"These are Liam's favourite crisps," I grinned, identifying the bright packet.

"I know," she smiled, rolling her eyes.

"Oh yeah, I forgot, you're a fan of us," I smirked, flicking her shoulder.

"So what is that frog thing?" I asked, repeating my question. She giggled.

"Well, sometimes you look like a frog," she admitted, patting my back as if she had just told me some mortifying news.

"I look like a frog?" I snorted, trying to keep my laughter quiet.

"Yeah, see, you just did the frog thing again," she said quickly, pointing at my face. I felt confused. It was all too much for me at one in the morning. I shook my head and opened the packet of crisps, contemplating sending Liam a picture, just to make him jealous. I decided not to. After all, he had enough money to buy himself thousands of packets. He would probably just return five minutes later with a picture of him eating out of a jumbo bag or something.

"So, am I like a smelly frog or am I the sort of frog a princess would kiss?" I asked slowly, cheekily winking at Beth. She gave me a look and peeled open the wrapper of a chocolate bar. It looked pretty good.

I pouted, trying to do some sort of kissy duck face.

"Coom om, chun m into a pwins," I tried to say, making her crack up.

"Was that supposed to be something like 'come on, turn me into a prince'?" she asked, her voice higher than before because she was laughing.

"Spot om," I replied, keeping my lips in the same position as before. They were starting to get sore, it would be ideal if she got on with it, or I'd have to sit like this all night. She rolled her eyes at me, put her chocolate on the table and leaned towards me, meeting me halfway. I giggled as we kissed, then suddenly pulled away, grabbing her opened chocolate bar and taking a big bite out of it.

"Oi, that was mine, Styles!" she half-yelled, grabbing it back. I stuck my tongue out at her, noticed it was covered in chocolate, realised it was probably disgusting to look at and stuck it back in my mouth with a sheepish giggle. Beth chomped on her chocolate demonstratively, giving off that 'stay off my territory' vibe. I reached a hand out towards her, laughing when she glared at me murderously. I quickly covered my mouth, afraid I had been too loud, but then freed it again so I could eat some crisps from the packet I had previously opened.

When the chocolate and the crisps had turned into nonexistent objects, we looked at the pile of food that had been dumped on the table and decided not to eat more. I was tired. She was tired. It was now approximately a quarter to two. We needed sleep.

I helped her stash the remainder of the food in the cupboards, then took her hand, grabbed my phone off the table and turned off the light.

Sadly, the change of brightness dragged me out of the stupor I was in. And my night time vision from before had gone.

"I can't see," I whispered, tightening my grip on Beth's hand. She snorted and walked ahead, leading me back to the sofa. Just before we reached it, I felt confident that I could find it and therefore walked faster, crashing into the side of the sofa, my knees buckling. At least I fell on top of it, though. Maybe it even looked cool. I rolled around, opening my arms.

"Beeeeeeeeth, cuddle with me?" I asked, sounding like I was five. I was getting tired again and because of that, I needed cuddles.

"Hang on, I'm going to get a blanket from upstairs, I'll be right back," she whispered, ruffling my hair. I sighed and listened to her footsteps. Pulling my phone out again to see what the time was, I switched it on once more, the top notification immediately catching my eye. It was a mention from Twitter.

@FionaHills opens up about @Harry_Styles - can the word womaniser be an accurate description?

I bit my lip, preventing it from trembling. So maybe that was why I had gotten those type of hate comments. I could still remember them. Hate didn't leave your mind easily, no matter how little you cared about them. I could still more or less quote them. Womaniser. You disgust me. I can't understand why people like you.

I sighed. I couldn't let myself be affected by the hate. It was part of my day-to-day business. I had to get used to it, right? I watched as my phone kept lighting up with new notifications, only noticing the negative ones. It was like I was blind to the nice things. How did I know that people weren't just pleasant to me because I happened to be famous?

The first tear trickled down my cheek. I wiped it away furiously. I let myself think way too much when it came to hate, it was really annoying. I just wanted to not care. I wanted to not care on the outside and not care on the inside. Because it really sucked when you didn't care on the outside, but you still cared on the inside, if you could understand what I meant.

I sat up and kept wiping away any tears that dared to make their way down my face. I wanted them all to go away. I didn't care. I knew I didn't care. But for some reason, the mixture of anger and hopelessness just made the tears come quicker.

"Stop," I muttered to myself, groaning and leaning back, not trying to do any more about myself crying. It wasn't like rubbing my cheeks dry every few seconds was going to stop the whole process. I curled up in a ball and focused on breathing regularly. They were just idiots who were bored, nothing else. Beth liked me. My mum liked me. My sister liked me. The boys liked me. The most of our fans liked me. Ed liked me. Lou liked me. Lux liked me.

I kept listing people I knew or definitely thought liked me. It wasn't helping much, but I did it anyway. My cheeks were still wet, but the tears weren't flowing as fast as before. So it was helping in some way, right?

Suddenly Beth stumbled in, carrying a big blanket. I held my breath, wondering what she would say when she realised I had been crying.

I was a right old sap. She had been gone for three minutes and I had already started crying. That was a bit pathetic, wasn't it? I watched as she put the blanket on the bed and turned to me. Her peaceful expression disappeared immediately.

"Harry, what happened?" she questioned, looking worried. I didn't say anything, but she noticed my phone was on, took one look at the hateful notifications that kept coming up, and switched the device off. She then crawled onto the sofa next to me and wrapped her arms around me like she had done before.

"Don't listen to any of them, okay?" she mumbled into my hair. I nodded, the tears picking up their pace again. I felt incredibly vulnerable.

"They're just jealous. You don't deserve to hear anything negative. You need to realise that you're one of the most amazing humans on this planet. And a lot of people know that. A lot," she whispered, hugging me tighter. I nodded again.

"But some people just can't get rid of their jealousy, some are too blind to see the wonderful things you do, but none of them are right about the things they say to you," she continued. I felt my cheeks drying up. She was helping me more effectively than I had done.

"A lot of people love you, okay? I'm among them, one person among millions of people who look up to you and idolise you."

I smiled and opened my mouth to say something.

"You really are a one in a million type of person," I said, still smiling.

"You know, so are you," she replied, sighing.

"We're two in a million," I continued.

"Two in a million," she repeated.

"Two in a million can be our always," I then grinned.

"You dork."


Okay so I had a massive break from writing, right? And I really think it's helped, I feel much happier when I'm writing now and I'm pretty satisfied with this chapter. I hope you liked it too :)

~ Laura

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