"What's wrong? What's happening?"
"Just some complications."
Beth and Harry? Great match. But things are complicated. And how are you supposed to fight complications when they have been part of your relationship from the start?


21. 21

A/N: I've started to hate this story I seriously need motivation but I can't find any. 

Anyway here's the chapter, hope it isn't too bad. 


[Harry's P.O.V.]
"You're telling me everything whether you like it or not," Niall stated as he placed the piece of glass he was holding on a table. I nodded numbly, not really caring what happened anymore. 
Niall sat himself on the bed and raised his eyebrows at me expectedly. 
"So?" he enquired, crossing his arms. 
"You're not going to be impressed, I can tell you that," I mumbled. 
"You may as well spill it, I'll find out sooner or later," he shrugged nonchalantly. 
"I cheated on Beth," I muttered, fiddling with the sleeves on my jumper. 
"You what?" 
"I went to a club with Gemma and Fiona, got drunk and ended up doing stupid stuff with Fiona," I sighed, running a hand through my disheveled hair. 
"I'm not going to lie, that's quite a mess to sort out," Niall admitted, frowning. I nodded weakly and covered my face with my hands. 
"I was such an idiot, never let me close to alcohol again, okay?" I mumbled, looking at him again. 
"Alright, how exactly did you get into that situation with Fiona anyway?" he asked, his brow furrowed. 
"She told me she was my girlfriend, you know I believe everything that's said to me when I'm drunk," I told him, giving him a look and he nodded. I could tell he could still remember a few things we had done under the influence of alcohol. 
"Yeah, remember the time you thought that pee was lemonade and-" 
"Stop," I groaned, cutting him off. I never wanted to remember that again, let alone think about it.
"Sorry," he grinned sheepishly. 
"But anyway why the hell did she say she was your girlfriend? Who one earth would do that?" Niall continued, now an angry edge to his voice. 
"I still have to talk to her," I muttered darkly, feeling myself slip into the same circle of anger, sadness and giving up which had occupied me the previous days. 
"The real problem is, I hurt Beth like really badly and I really understand why, I'm an idiot and I hate myself for what I did, but I need her to be able to trust me again, I need to be able to be a reason for her smile at least once, I don't know, I need her, Niall," I sniffled, looking at him with watery eyes. 
She was like a drug to me. As soon as I had talked to her once, I just wanted more. I couldn't just leave it with one conversation, I needed to get to know her better, I wanted to be more than a friend. And when I did get to know her better it was like I needed her if I wanted to get through each day happily. If I didn't talk to her at least once a day, it affected my mood and I started worrying about her even if it was stupid to do. Maybe the accident I had had had influenced me, maybe the thought that the exact thing could happen to Beth had haunted me so often that I was now convinced that something had happened to her if I didn't talk to her. 
Suddenly my breath hitched. What if something had happened to her in the space of time we had stopped talking? What if she was lying in a hospital bed, pale and hurt?
"Niall, I need to talk to her now, I have to," I wheezed, feeling my breathing speed up tremendously. I started feeling dizzy and grabbed Niall's arm firmly. She couldn't be hurt, she was fine, I had to make myself believe that. I couldn't allow my imagination to show me pictures I didn't want to see, I couldn't let myself freak out over nothing. 
"Harry, what's wrong?" Niall asked, giving me a concerned look. I shook my head, my lips trembling. I had to focus on not worrying. 
Niall brushed his thumb over my cheek and only then did I notice that I was crying. The tears rolling down the sides of my face tickled slightly as they went, always replaced by fresh ones. 
I opened my laptop and clicked on Skype, drumming on the keyboard nervously as I waited for it to load. As soon as it loaded, I clicked onto Beth's contact and opened a call. 
Niall waited with me quietly as the ominous beeping pierced the air. I held my breath, hoping she would answer. I had to know she was okay. It was fine if she didn't want to talk to me or something, I just had to know she was alright. 
After a minute of the endless beeping, I felt my fear grow. 
"She isn't going to answer, Niall," I breathed, hardly able to draw breath. 
"Just keeping waiting," he simply said, still staring at the screen. I nodded and did the same as him, I crossed my fingers for good measure, finally deciding to cross as many of my body parts as possible. I could just as well get as much luck as possible if I was going to start the whole crossing fingers thing. 
But after a little while, the call closed and announced that the person was not reachable. The room was silent. 
"She didn't answer," I whispered, my eyes widening. I felt my heart rate speed up with my breathing and I felt myself tremble. 
"Niall, she didn't answer," I repeated, fresh tears streaming down my face as I focused on breathing in and out shakily. 
"Harry, is it just you missing her or is there more?" Niall asked cautiously. 
"She's dead," I whimpered, grabbing a few locks of my hair. 
"Niall, she's dead," I said louder, the hysteria in my voice plain. 
"No no no, she isn't, don't think that," Niall replied in a hushed voice, stroking my arm. 
"How on earth would she manage to die in such a short space of time?" he reasoned with me, still trying to calm me down. 
"I don't know, maybe she got hit by a car or something, I don't know!" I shrieked, now shaking properly. 
Niall fell silent, maybe he was thinking about when I was sent to hospital because of an accident. 
"Okay, okay, don't worry, she's probably fine, someone would have told you if something had happened to her," Niall assured me, not stopping the stroking. 
"What if she's not? Who would tell me anyway?" I asked, my voice a few octaves higher than usual. 
"Her parents," he answered promptly. 
"What if they were in an accident together?" I snapped, not feeling reassured. 
He went quiet again and I could see he was thinking of reasons why she wasn't hurt.
"Exactly," I sighed, seeing he wasn't coming up with any ideas. Then the terror gripped me again. She could be dead, she just couldn't be dead. I just had to know she was alright. 
"Tell me she isn't dead, she can't be dead," I moaned, just wanting to curl up in a ball and escape the world. 
"She isn't dead."
"What if she is, though?" I sobbed, shaking my head to try to get rid of my thoughts. 
"She isn't."
I shook my head again, he wasn't helping at all. I needed a way to find out that she was okay. 
"I still have plane tickets to England, I'll go and see if she's alright then," I said to myself more than to Niall. He nodded in agreement and patted my shoulder. 
I still hadn't stopped worrying though, I was still shaking and breathing irregularly. The tears hadn't stopped falling. 
"Let's watch a movie to distract you, okay, just- just try to forget it," Niall said, opening my laptop again. I literally screamed when I saw the orange dot saying I had a notification from Skype. 
I took the laptop from him quickly, fumbling with it slightly due to my excited relief. 
I opened Skype, barely registering the dizziness returning. 
"Careful lad, you're literally hyperventilating," Niall chuckled. 
At last it was finished loading and I opened a call to Beth again. 
"She's alive, she's alive, Niall, she's alive," I whimpered weakly, the tears falling faster than before. He nodded quickly and waited with me as we listened to the beeping again. 
Suddenly I could see her. I could see Beth, looking at me confusedly. 
"Harry, why are you crying?" she asked. 
"Hi Niall," she added and he smiled and nodded. 
"You're alive," I whispered simply, not caring that she was seeing me in this state. 
"Of course I'm alive, you dork, why wouldn't I be?" she laughed. I felt a stab of pain to my heart. Why wasn't she acting like we were strangers? Why was she calling me a dork like she had done before I had messed up?
"I literally love you so much," I sighed, shaking my head. She had no idea. No one would ever know how much Beth meant to me. She smiled at my words, making me smile through the tears too. 
"And I know we need to talk about a lot of stuff and I know that I've made the biggest mistake of my life and I know that I want you to be able to trust me completely, but I need to earn your trust," I said earnestly. 
"There's so much I'm sure of, yet I'm so stupid, that I end up hurting you," I mused, feeling the anger at myself grow again. 
"I'm sorry, but we'll have to talk another time, I have to go," she then sighed, looking at something I couldn't see. I nodded quietly and wiped my face with a hand. I had stopped crying now. 
"I'll talk to you another time then," I said with a small smile. She smiled back and nodded. 
"I'll see you."
"See you," I replied. 
She closed the call and the screen went blank. I sighed, running a hand through my hair. 
"Well, she's alright then!" Niall grinned at me and I laughed shakily. All of that worrying had been pointless. 
"She's fine," I smiled. I was happier than I had been in what seemed like a long time. 
"She's fine," I repeated. 

[Beth's P.O.V.]
I shut down the laptop and sighed. Seeing Harry cry had been rather unsettling. I didn't want him to cry because of me. I didn't want him to be sad. But I wanted to be able to trust him completely like I had before. 
All we had to do was get a chance to talk about the whole situation properly and figure things out. 
I pulled and unfinished drawing of Harry towards me. It didn't hurt as much to do things that had something to do with him. I knew he hadn't meant to hurt me and that he was truly sorry, but I just needed time to process everything. 
"It'll all get sorted out soon enough," I said with a slight smile. If our relationship was strong enough, we would find a way to get through this.


Sorry it was a lame ending, I know. Anyway chapter 21 folks, hope you liked it. 

~ ButUrNot1D_x

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