"What's wrong? What's happening?"
"Just some complications."
Beth and Harry? Great match. But things are complicated. And how are you supposed to fight complications when they have been part of your relationship from the start?


2. 2

[Beth's P.O.V.]


The screams got closer and I searched for the three faces I had been dying to see in real life for so long. I squealed when I saw them, all sprinting from three directions. They also looked overjoyed and when they caught sight of each other too, they just yelled louder.





Our names mingled and the air felt electric. People were still staring, even filming us but none of us seemed to notice very much. We were focused on the fact that this was real and that the group hug that we shared was perfect. With my arms around the other three I felt so happy even though we were just a tangle of heads, bodies and legs. After hugging for a few minutes we broke apart and I could swear that I saw tears in Laura's eyes. I grinned shamelessly and she quickly wiped them and muttered:

"I'm not crying, my eyes are just simulating British rain."

I raised an eyebrow and Fawz and Karime smirked, but she seemed unabashed. Fawz chuckled but then squealed again:

"I can't believe it guys! We're finally in the same country at last!"

"I know right!" said Karime and Laura nodded eagerly. Suddenly we were interrupted by my mum:

"Girls, are you ready to go then?"

They looked around in surprise, maybe they had forgotten that there were other people here too. But then everyone smiled at her politely.

"Nice to meet you!" Laura said, sticking her hand out. My mum shook it and turned to the other two.

"I'm Karime, lovely to meet you as well." grinned Karime and Fawz added:

"I'm Fawz. And the same as the other two, it's a pleasure to see you."

My mum shook their hands too, looking delighted. Politeness could get you far, I had to hand it to them. Suddenly Fawz looked at Laura as if she hadn't noticed her all this time.

"Laura! How wonderful to see you too, when did you get here?" she gasped, shaking her hand vigorously. Laura played along and answered with a posh accent:

"Just a few minutes ago! I must say, it's absolutely corking to see you too, my friend!"

Then they turned to Karime and I. We were shaken by the hand too and greeted pompously. I giggled and Karime rolled her eyes with a chuckle. But they were the two youngest here, I couldn't blame them. My mum lead the way out to the car and we followed, joking and laughing. It was just like on our dms, they hadn't changed a bit. But why should they have done? They were the same people I talked to on the internet.

Laura breathed in deeply and sighed:

"I've missed this place so much."

I smiled at her understandingly. Then it started raining.

"Oh god." I groaned. I had had enough rain for a lifetime and I told the others exactly that. Laura just smirked and grinned:

"Lifetime. Once."

Fawz smiled too and added:


"A." giggled Karime.

"Lifetime." I sighed. It was weird how we always managed to turn every conversation into a One Direction song. But hey, we were all Directioners, what could I say?

"I can't wait to see your room!" said Fawz.

"And drawings. I mean they look amazing on Instagram, how good will they look in real life?" mentioned Karime.

"What's for tea tonight?" wondered Laura.

Fawz laughed at her:

"Laura, you and your tummy!"

I put my hands up to stop the other questions they were about to ask and exclaimed:

"Woah guys, wait. One thing after another!"

"I know you said. That you don't like it complicated." sang Laura randomly.

I ignored it and continued:

"Ok, Fawz I think I've made my room as comfy as I can. I can't wait for you guys to see it actually. And Karime, stop, can't you see you're making me blush?"

The girl laughed and cooed:

"Awwh is someone getting red cheeks?"

I decided to leave that and went on:

"And Laura. For dinner we will be having...."

I paused dramatically and I swear she held her breath in anticipation. The other two looked curious too.

"Waffles with Nutella." I finally stated.

As I had expected, there was an immediate outburst.


Karime looked as happy as her, if not more.


Meanwhile Fawz chanted:


I grinned too. Nutella was the top of the top, and if it wasn't already obvious, it was rather popular with us four.

When we reached the car, I helped them get their suitcases into the boot and they hopped in, onto the backseat. I parked my bum in the front, where I had been before and we all buckled up. When my mum had checked that everyone was all finished, she began the drive back. Fawz and Karime chatted with my mum and I, but Laura stared out of the window, half listening, adding a word here and there. We left her alone, she just needed a little time to actually realize that she was back in England again. I turned back to face the road, when I suddenly saw the local Starbucks.

"Mum! Wait, can we go to Starbucks? Please? We're only five minutes away from home." I pleaded.

Laura seemed to wake up from her trance at the sound of Starbucks. Silly girl.

"We wouldn't mind walking the last bit, would we girls?" Karime asked.

"And you could just leave our suitcases, we'd bring them up by ourselves." Fawz added.

Laura nodded and pointed out:

"So all you'd have to do would be to drive home. And you'd have to do that one way or another anyway."

"And I'm sure these girls would love some fresh air and something to drink." I finished off. My mum looked as if she wasn't about to say no and I was right.

"Alright. I'll let you down now then. Here's some money for-"

But Laura interrupted her smoothly:

"There's no need, I have more than enough with me. I'll be glad to pay for Beth."

I thanked her and we all got out, then waved off my mum as she drove off. We headed to the building and stepped in, met by the wonderful smell of freshly baked pastries.

"Mmmmmm...." sighed Laura. She looked so happy. I couldn't blame her, everything looked wonderful.

"But girls, remember there are waffles and a whole jar of Nutella waiting for us in my kitchen." I warned them.

"How could we forget that?" asked Karime shocked. I giggled and went up to Laura and Fawz, who were poring over all the different choices.

"This is too hard." they whispered to each other.

"By the way Beth don't even think about the price, just tell me what you want nothing's too expensive." Laura  continued, looking at me seriously. I nodded. If that was what she wanted, then so be it.

After nearly ten minutes of thinking we had finally all decided what to take. Karime and Laura went to order the drinks while Fawz and I looked for a table. The café was overcrowded, but luckily we found a small table in a corner. Fawz and I sat down and waited for the others to come with out drinks. I was facing the wall, so I kept having to turn arounf to see where they were.

Finally they turned up carrying two cups each.

"What happened?" I asked curiously. Karime was looking a little annoyed and Laura wasn't exactly glowing with happiness either.

"Some guy decided to start flirting with Karime. We quickly had to put him right." Laura explained.

"Ugh I hate that. He was so desperate and freaky." she muttered.

"Well, that's what you get when you're as pretty as yourself, I guess." I smirked, nudging her. She never wanted to admit that she was gorgeous. As I had predicted, she blushed and mumbled something that nobody could hear. Then she changed the subject and our usual banter and a little ranting.

I was in the mood for a joke, so I said:

"I'm reading a book about anti-gravity."

Everyone looked confused and I went on:

"It's impossible to put down."

The three girls burst out laughing and I smiled. I really liked making people laugh.

"OH MY GOD BETH!" Fawz wheezed. The others looked uncapable of human speech. I just laughed at their expressions.

"You know, that was actually really funny." said a deep voice behind me suddenly.

My friends looked completely gobsmacked. But I didn't need their faces to know who exactly was standing behind me. I could recognize that voice anywhere. I quickly whipped around to see that familiar face. The face that I knew so well, but didn't know me.

Harry Styles.

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