"What's wrong? What's happening?"
"Just some complications."
Beth and Harry? Great match. But things are complicated. And how are you supposed to fight complications when they have been part of your relationship from the start?


18. 18

[Beth's P.O.V.]
I glanced at the laptop screen impatiently as I held my phone with the twitter app
open at the ready.
I looked back and forced a smile.
"Hi, how are you?" I asked politely. Harry looked tired. He had probably been up too
late last night. I tried not to think the last two words, but they appeared
nevertheless. With her.
"Eh, I'm alright, is there any reason as to why you're calling earlier than usual?"
Harry questioned, looking slightly nervous.
"Um. I was wondering if there was anything you hadn't told me or something," I
stuttered, not feeling as sure that this was the right thing to do as before. But an
'oh shit' look crossed his face and I steeled myself for what was coming next.
"Uh, no I'm sure I'm not keeping anything from you," he mumbled, looking away.
"Could you then please explain exactly why the hashtag #Firry is trending on
Twitter?" I enquired emotionlessly. Harry actually looked relieved. He was probably
relieved about the fact that he wouldn't have to hide it anymore.
"I- I can explain that, listen," he started quickly.
"Make it quick," I snapped, looking away so he wouldn't see the tears beginning to
form in my eyes. He sighed and continued.
"Right, so Gemma's here, on tour with us. And she apparently decided to bring along
an old school friend of hers, Fiona," he explained.
"An article I read said it was one of your childhood friends," I said skeptically,
raising an eyebrow.
"Well of course I knew her, she used to come round our place to play with Gemma like
every weekend," he retorted with a hint of impatience in his voice. I raised my chin
slightly. Was he annoyed that I wasn't buying everything he said without a second
"Right, explain this please," I commanded, showing the picture of him and Fiona I
had ready on my phone. He gazed at it, furrowing his eyebrows.
"That makes the whole situation look different. Look, you may be able to see Gemma
holding on to Fiona's other hand. We held on to each other so we wouldn't get lost
in that massive crowd," he said slowly.
"And you're smiling because?" I asked, feeling like I was missing something big here.
"Fiona said she was sure she could handle the paparazzi, but when they started
crowding around us, she started freaking out slightly," he then stated with a final
tone, leaning back in his chair.
"Right. Okay," I said shortly, turning off my phone. Why was she looking so smug,
though? I couldn't really ask Harry about that, could I?
"Anyway, sorry but I have to go already, I think Gemma wants to take me shopping,"
he sighed, rolling his eyes. I nodded, looking anywhere but at him.
"Bye then, love you," I replied in a small voice. He sighed once more.
"Love you too."
The screen went black and I leaned back, rubbing my face with an exhausted air. I
really wanted to believe him, but I still had my doubts and his behaviour during the
Skype calls hadn't been explained. Why had this happened? What had happened? Had
anything changed?
Why was he suddenly acting like we didn't know each other as well as we did? Could
there be a chance that he was trying to distance himself from me? Was he ashamed of
knowing me?
I sighed and turned on my phone again, I hadn't talked to the girls in a long time.
Laura was probably going beserk, like the last time I hadn't been on for a while.

[Harry's P.O.V.]
I sighed in relief. I was rather happy Beth hadn't asked more, otherwise I may have
cracked. I closed Skype and went onto the website I had been looking at before. When
I found what I had been looking for, I smiled.
Your purchase of two tickets has been confirmed.
"Harry, are you coming?" someone called. Fiona.
"Yeah, wait a sec," I called back. I stood up, closed my laptop and stretched before
heading over to the door of my hotel room.
I found Gemma and Fiona, waiting impatiently.
"At last," Gemma said, letting out a sharp sigh.
"Right, the plan is this," Fiona started, fiddling with the hem of her skirt, which
was rather short.
"Shops, restaurant, club," Gemma continued, cutting her off.
I nodded and let her grab my wrist. She tugged me into the only tiny lift there was
in this hotel and pressed the correct button.
"Let's go to the shopping centre, I'm sure we'll find more there than we would
walking around the small roads there are here," Fiona commented, checking her nails.

"Good idea," Gemma nodded, just as the lift dinged and the doors opened. We rushed
out and stepped out of the hotel uncertainly.
"So where is the shopping centre?" I asked, trying to keep my amusement from showing.
"Follow me," Fiona said shortly, grabbing my hand and Gemma's.
She pulled us through crowded streets, plenty of people gawping at us.
"It's Harry Styles!"
I didn't look for the person who had shouted that, but kept my eyes down and my head
slightly ducked. The same procedure as always.
I felt the sun beating down on my neck and silently cursed myself for not wearing
any sunscreen. I hoped I wouldn't get burnt, it would be quite painful and I'd look
rather silly. I rolled my eyes as I though of what the media would say about me.

Redneck Harry, out and about

Will Harry contract cancer after obtaining a serious sunburn?

Fans worry as Harry suffers from a severe sunburn

I chuckled. The titles people came up with could be pretty hilarious, but everyone
usually started a load of drama over some small thing, which could be pretty
Suddenly I felt gloriously cool air on my skin and I looked back up.
We were in a huge shopping centre, thankfully air conditioned. It looked quite nice
and orderly, shops lining the sides of a large hall.
"Oh my god!" Gemma squealed, escaping Fiona's grip to dart to the nearest shop. I
chuckled and followed, pulling Fiona along so she wasn't left behind. I didn't need
to though, she sprinted after Gemma excitedly.
When I stepped into the shop, the two girls were gushing over a top they had found.
"You know what, I don't think we'll need more shops than this one, it's perfect!"
Fiona exclaimed, rushing off to explore some other stacks of clothes.
"Harry, you're staying okay?" Gemma stated seriously, pointing a finger at me.
"Of course," I nodded, rolling my eyes at the severity of her voice.
Fiona came back with a pile in her arms.
"Gemma, let's get going, we need to try all this stuff on," she said breathlessly.
Gemma grinned and nodded before leading the way to the dressing rooms.
"Harry, we'll come out and you have to say whether we should buy it or not," Fiona
called before disappearing behind a curtain. I dragged a chair over and sat myself
in front of the two cabins to wait.
After a couple of minutes there was an excited shout. "Tadaaaaaa!"
I looked up and saw Gemma in a cropped top. Immediately, my brotherly instincts took
"Absolutely not, people would look at you like you were a piece of meat," I frowned.
"Shut up, I look fabulous. And if you had your way, I'd be dressed like a nun,"
Gemma retorted with a wave of her hand. She disappeared behind the curtain and I
"How's this?" Fiona then asked, slipping out of her cabin. My eyes widened. She was
wearing a very short and incredibly tight dress.
"Um," I said.
"I'm getting it," she smirked, going back into her cabin.

We were there for at least two hours before I announced I was going to the
restaurant opposite to get a table for us.
"Wait a minute, I'll be ready in a mo," Fiona called.
"You two go ahead, I'll be there in five minutes," Gemma said with a muffled voice.
"Both of you can leave your stuff on this chair, I'll come back and pay for it
afterwards," I announced, on my way to explain the same to the sales assistant.
When I was done negotiating, Fiona popped up and followed me to the Italian
restaurant on the other side of the hall.
"A table for three, please," I smiled when a waiter welcomed us. He led us to a
round table, pulled out Fiona's chair for her and left again.
"Why didn't he pull out my chair for me too?" I mock-whined, making Fiona giggle.
Just then, Gemma appeared, slightly out of breath.
"Thanks, you two," she smiled.
"Why don't you start ordering, I'll go and pay for your clothes," I explained,
standing up and patting Gemma's shoulder. She was about to protest, but I was
already leaving.
I hurried over to the opposite side of the hall, gathered the pile of clothes on the
chair in my arms and proceeded to dump them on the counter.
The sales assistant looked surprised, but did her job anyway.
When she was finished and I had payed, she cleared her throat.
"Um, you wouldn't be Harry Styles, would you?" she asked hesitantly.
"I am actually," I admitted, smiling sheepishly.
"Would you mind if I got you to say something to my sister on video, she loves your
music," the young lady blushed.
"Of course, what's her name?" I asked politely.
"Alice," she replied, fumbling with her phone. When the device was steady, I looked
directly into the camera.
"Hi Alice, I just met your sister here and she said you like our music, so thanks a
lot for that, the boys and I appreciate every bit of support we receive. I'm sure
Niall, Liam and Louis would love to have said something too, but they're not here,
so sorry about that. Anyway, have a nice day, all the love," I grinned.
"Thank you," the young lady said breathlessly.
"No problem, have a great day," I smiled, picking up the bags and leaving.

It was eleven o'clock in the evening and I was dancing with a random girl, feeling
dizzy. Gemma, Fiona and I had found a club and decided to get a little tipsy. Well,
tipsy wasn't the correct word to use, I was obviously drunk as hell.
"I need a drink," I mumbled, escaping from the brunette in front of me. As I finally
managed to find the bar, I sat myself down on a chair.
"Another tequila?" the bartender asked knowingly. That must have meant that I had
drunk a few already. I didn't answer, too busy scanning the crowd. Where was Beth?
Why was I even looking for her? What was even happening? Why did I have curly hair?
A glass filled with a clear liquid was put in front of me.
"Thanks for the orange juice," I slurred, drinking it. The bartender laughed.
"You didn't give me orange juice, it's fucking water," I then mumbled.
"That wasn't water," he chuckled.
"Thanks anyway," I retorted, drinking the rest of the water or orange juice or
whatever it was.
"Here's some more to quench your thirst," he stated, placing another glass in front
of me. The whole place blurred in front of my eyes as I drank it in one go.
I forgot everything and I wondered what this whole situation was.
"Hey, do you know who I am?" I asked, stopping a girl. She had brown hair. Funny. It
was almost like I knew her. The brunette smiled.
"Harry, you were dancing with me before. You're Harry," she beamed, showing her
perfectly white teeth.
"And who are you?" I asked, swaying slightly.
"I'm Fiona. I- I'm your girlfriend," she then continued, still smiling.
"Ah, hello girlfriend, sorry I'm in a state, don't take it personally," I slurred
after I had taken a proper look at her. It didn't help me recognise her, but I had
discovered that she was hot.
"Let's go dance," she grinned, taking my hand. I followed her into the crowd, not
able to take my eyes off her bum until she stopped, putting her arms around my neck.
I could feel her breath on my face as I held her waist pulling her closer.
"You're not drunk," I commented, knowing since I couldn't detect any trace of
alcohol in her sweet breath.
"No, but you are," she laughed, moving closer.
"Yes I am," I admitted, nodding.
"You're very pretty," I then commented. I was just saying random stuff, whatever
came to my mind. It was true anyway.
"Do you like my dress? We bought it earlier this day," she smiled. I looked down. It
was very short and very tight, which was probably why her bum had been my main focus
"You look good in it," I sighed, sneakily letting my hands travel down her perfectly
shaped body.
Suddenly I felt a pair of lips on mine. I kissed Fanny or whatever her name was
hungrily. Her fingers tangled themselves in my hair, pulling me even closer if that
was possible. I responded by wrapping my arms tighter around her and giving her bum
a squeeze. I could do that right? She was my girlfriend.
Then she pulled away. I whined pathetically. Why was my girlfriend being mean?
"Come," she then explained breathlessly. She led me towards a flight of stairs I
hadn't noticed before and we headed upstairs.
I idly wondered what was happening. And why was my hair curly? I had to ask her that
when she had closed the door to the room we were now in.

I stumbled down the stairs, tripping over my own feet as I reached level ground
again. I headed towards the bar, sat down and waved at the bartender.
"What were you doing upstairs?" he asked slyly.
"Why is my hair curly?" I asked him. I still hadn't gotten an answer, there hadn't
really been time to ask my girlfriend upstairs.
"Okay, you need some water, you're drunk out of your mind," he chuckled.
"I feel sick," I blurted when he returned with a glass of water.
"Let's get you outside, fella," he smiled sympathetically. He walked around the bar
and popped up next to me, putting a firm hand on my shoulder.
Soon we were outside and I gasped as I felt the cool air in my lungs. It felt so
good. Then I darted to a nearby bin and threw up. The bartender stood next to me,
patting my back methodically.
"You had quite a few drinks," he explained when I stood up straight again. He handed
me the glass of water. I drank it. Suddenly I could remember everything clearly,
like the water had had some magical effect on me.
"Fuck!" I yelled, kicking the bin hard. The bartender took a few steps back.
"I'm so stupid, what on earth have I done," I moaned, pulling at my hair.
"I need to get home, please, help me," I begged the bartender, regret and guilt
washing over me as I thought of Beth.
What would she say? Would she ever forgive me? And why did Fiona tell me she was my
girlfriend before?


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