"What's wrong? What's happening?"
"Just some complications."
Beth and Harry? Great match. But things are complicated. And how are you supposed to fight complications when they have been part of your relationship from the start?


17. 17

Just so you're warned, this chapter isn't planned at all - I'm writing with no
specific idea in my brain because I'm just in the mood to update.
Anyway, voila.


[Beth's P.O.V.]
My fingers tapped against the edge of the laptop screen impatiently as I waited for
Harry to appear on it. It was time for another one of our daily Skype calls, and if
I was honest, I only lived for these regular appointments, nothing else.
Suddenly a fake made me jump and I looked down. Sure enough, there was Harry smiling
at me. I beamed immediately and my heart warmed at the sight of him.
"God, I missed you," I groaned, resting my head on my right hand.
"I missed you too," he answered hesitantly and looked away. He, like me, probably
wasn't too fond of saying those words out loud, since they only seemed to make the
whole situation harder.
"Where are you at the moment? I keep losing track," I asked sheepishly, feeling a
little awkward not knowing.
"Um, I'm in San Diego right now," he replied uncertainly.
"That's not that far away from Phoenix, is it?" I mused, wrinkling my forehead in
"No it isn't, Niall's actually visiting Karime, the others have gone out, so I'm all
alone," he finished dramatically, putting a hand to his head.
"Aw, poor little Harold," I mocked, pouting at him.
"Yes, poor little me," Harry agreed briskly.
"Anyway, I have to go already, sorry about that," he continued, seemingly looking
anywhere but at me.
"Oh, okay, I'll see you tomorrow then," I frowned, surprised at his sudden goodbye.
"Yeah, sure," he nodded quickly.
"Love you," I called before he disappeared.
There was a hasty 'love you too' and then screen went black. My eyes narrowed at it,
wondering why he had been in such a rush.
I then shook it off, reasoning that it probably wasn't anything serious. Sighing, I
closed the laptop, put on some music and fished my phone out of my pocket. I spent
an hour scrolling through pictures of Harry, looking for something I could draw.
I felt a pang of sadness every time a recent one popped up. I really did miss him. I
screenshotted a few options, then took out a pencil and some drawing paper. I could
start with the grid already.
When the grid was done, I silently compared the different photos while Change My
Mind played in the background. I ended up blankly staring at the screen, feeling
absolutely nothing but a numbness spreading from the middle of my chest to the rest
of my body.
I started wondering again. Why had Harry been so hesitant and rushed before? Why had
he hardly met my eyes twice? Was there something he was hiding? The Skype calls were
usually cheerful and sincere, not the way it had been today.
I considered each and every one of his actions and frowned. Why would he have to
hide anything from me?
Shrugging to myself, I put the pencil and paper aside and decided to go on twitter
for a little while.
I first checked if any of the boys had tweeted anything, then proceeded to simply
scroll through random tweets on my timeline.
The sharp pangs returned again, making my breath hitch every time I saw a picture of
him. I couldn't believe I had met him. There were so many girls in this world and
yet I was the one he had decided to spend most of his time with. I was the girl he
had decided to have feelings for. And I simply couldn't grasp the fact that someone
like Harry would like someone like me. He was a gentleman, polite, caring, genuine,
sweet and honest. A lot of people would kill to spend as much time with him as I
had, even if they got less time. Maybe some of them only wanted him because he was
famous, but I was sure a lot of them were able to love him as much as I did.
Even though I was sure of the last thought, I truly doubted anyone loved him the way
I did. I actually hoped no one did.
Suddenly a bright yellow headline caught my eye. I stopped scrolling immediately,
narrowing my eyes as I read the bright words.
"Could she be the last one?" I mumbled to myself, reading out loud. There was a
picture underneath the title, one of Harry and an extremely pretty brunette. I
frowned when I saw their hands, tightly holding each other. Harry was grinning and
the brunette had a smug look on her face that made me want to throw up.
I clicked the link to the full article apprehensively, slightly scared of what I
would read next, but feeling defensive. I had a right to know what the handholding
was about right?
I took a deep breath, blinked rapidly a few times and looked down again to read the
Harry Styles, member of the world famous boyband One Direction has always been an
obvious womaniser, but could this soon have an end? Katy Perrins investigated....
Harry Styles, famous, young and free has been well known for having an ever-changing
interest in girls. But he has lately started hinting in various interviews that he
would like to settle down and stick with that special someone. "It would be nice,"
he admitted at an interview only a few days ago when he was asked about that
subject. Does this mean the end of the numerous articles about Styles and his
'newest girlfriend'? It looks like it does! Harry has been sighted with Fiona
Lightford, a childhood friend, quite often these past few weeks, which suggests that
she is travelling with the boys while they're on their tour. Could she be that
special someone? It definitely seems like it. Why else would Harry, the charmer who
can surely get whoever he wants, spend so much time in her company?  Hopefully we
can get more information when the boys have a weeks break next week. Where do you
think Harry will take Fiona? Comment your thoughts below! Do you think this is the
last we will see of Harry's womaniser record? How do you feel about Firry?

I could feel that my eyes were damp and angrily switched my phone off. Why did
people always write shit like this about him? Why did everyone think he was some
bloke who hooked up with every girl he saw?
But yet again, why had he been seen with this Fiona? Why had they been holding
hands? Could there be a grain of truth in the article?
I turned on my phone again and looked at the comments below, scrolling through them,
skimming the contents.
I totally ship Firry! She's so pretty and they look adorable together!
Ew what's a Fiona? Harry belongs to me, back off bitch.
They should get together, no hate please :)
I think they look quite happy together, so....
Ugh now I'll be crying over another OTP.
Harry's not a womaniser, they're just friends. Trust people to twist things.
If Harry is happy, I'm happy, he should be able to be with who he wants guys.
Firry is as existent as my penis and I'm a girl.
People need to stop hating and get their shit together. At some point Harry will
find someone and it's not going to be you, deal with it.


The last one got me thinking.
"At some point Harry will find someone and it's not going to be you," I murmured,
reading the comment again. A tear slipped down my cheek. What if that was true? If
Harry lost interest in me at some point, would I be able to deal with it? Would I be
able to move on and let him be with someone else without feeling resentful?
"No," I sniffed, answering my own questions.
I turned off my phone again and threw it aside. Was that why he had been so distant
today? Was that why he hadn't been able to look me in the eyes? Had he been trying
to tell me? Did he even have the guts to? I remembered his words before he left.
"I want you to remember that whatever you may hear, whatever rumour reaches you,
it's not true unless I tell you it is," I whispered blankly, staring at the ceiling.

What if he had really been trying to tell me but had chickened out in the end? Would
that mean it was a rumour he had tried to confirm? Would he do that to me?
I shook my head. I didn't want to believe that he would treat me like that, but the
doubt was eating me up. I was doubting Harry. The most amazing person in the world.
But no one was perfect, were they? Everyone had flaws and weaknesses. What if
Harry's weakness was pretty girls?
I wanted to scream. All these questions were slowly killing me. And the answers I
was giving myself weren't making anything better.
Sobbing, I turned the volume of the music completely up, wanting to drown out the
echoes in my head. Maybe I could deafen myself so much, that the numbness would
return. It was better than the pain I was feeling.
I didn't know what to do otherwise. Would I ask him about it the next day? Or would
I wait for him to man up and admit he was no longer interested in me?
I turned around and felt my pillow dampen by the minute as it absorbed my tears. My
drawing paper and pencil lay forgotten on my desk, my phone on the floor, out of
reach so I couldn't read anything else.
I bitterly wondered what Harry would say if he walked in and saw the crying mess I
was, curled up on my bed.
"No," I moaned. I couldn't think about him. It hurt. I couldn't stand it.
I wrapped my arms around me chest tightly, feeling like I was about to burst into
pieces. There was a hole eating me alive from the inside. And I couldn't stop it. I
couldn't stop the pain coming from the raw, aching edges.

[Harry's P.O.V]
I scrolled through plane ticket prices on the internet. I was hoping to find
something suitable, since I was desperate to see her. I couldn't stay away from her
any longer and the break next week was a perfect time to do so. I just hoped Beth
wouldn't find out, I hoped I could keep it a secret. It wouldn't only ruin
everything for me, it would ruin everything for her too. She couldn't know until the
time was right.


Right, this is a really short chapter again, only 1.7K words, so sorry about that.
But I think it's alright considering the fact that I didn't have any real idea for
this chapter anyway.
So, what do you think? Please leave a comment, I think I've mentioned how much I love them hehe.

Have a nice dayyyyyy :)



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