"What's wrong? What's happening?"
"Just some complications."
Beth and Harry? Great match. But things are complicated. And how are you supposed to fight complications when they have been part of your relationship from the start?


16. 16

[Harry's P.O.V.]
I frowned at the mirror in the dressing room. All signs of tiredness had been
successfully hidden with make up but I still didn't look very happy. Being away from
Beth was taking its toll on me, that was absolutely sure.
I tried grinning cheekily, my dimples showing. But the smile didn't reach my eyes
and I sighed. I was just going to have to do my best and try to look as jubilant as
possible while we were in front of the crowd.
I recognised the voice to be Liam's and wondered why he was looking for me.
"Over here," I called out halfheartedly, opening the dressing room door. He jogged
in and patted my back, seeing that I wasn't my usual cheerful self.
"If you want to Skype Beth before the show, you'll have to do it now, you have
fifteen minutes, I checked," he huffed, catching his breath before running of to
fill the water pistol dangling from his wrist.
I acted immediately, there was no time to lose. I opened my laptop, sighing in
relief when I saw I didn't have to turn it on. I then hastily opened Skype, opened a
video call and tapped my fingers on the table, setting the laptop on the table top.
"Please, please, please, please, please," I whined, praying Beth would see the call.
I held my breath, my forehead wrinkled in anticipation.
"Yes!" I yelled as Beth appeared on the screen.
"Harry!" she squealed, sitting up straight as soon as she saw me.
"Beth!" I shrieked, unable to contain my excitement. The grin on my face was genuine
this time. 
"I have fifteen minutes," I gasped, realising I had still been holding my breath.
"Remember to breathe, Harry," Beth giggled.
"I'll try to, but it's a bit hard seeing as you never fail to take my breath away,"
I winked, giving her a lopsided grin. To my delight, she blushed.
"Anyway, are you looking forward to going out there?" Beth asked, obviously trying
to bring the attention away from herself. I hesitated.
"Not.... not really," I admitted truthfully, feeling slightly ashamed.
"Why not? What's wrong?" she frowned, leaning forwards as if she was rejudging my
"I- I just miss you I guess," I mumbled, looking back at her sincerely.
"I miss you too, but tonight when I watch the livestream, I want to see a guy who's
enjoying himself and having fun, not moping around," she said decidedly.
"You'll be watching?" I enquired, my eyes widening.
"Of course I will, you little dork," she replied, smiling. I smiled back.
"That makes everything better, trust me, this will be one of the best shows you've
ever seen," I stated, now grinning properly.
"That's the expression I wanted to see," she grinned.
"Well thanks for cheering me up," I said, serious again.
"Hey, don't worry it's the least I can do," she pointed out as if it was obvious.
"Who are you talking to?" someone suddenly said behind me.
Louis jumped onto the sofa next to me, grinning mischievously.
"Hi Beth, long time no see," he said, waving at the screen. Beth's eyes widened
before she stuttered a hello.
"Come on, we've met before, you're not gonna treat me like a celebrity are you?"
Louis questioned worriedly. He didn't really like people getting nervous just
because he was famous. Sure it was flattering, but in the end it was just
uncomfortable. After all, we were still just regular guys.
"Don't blame me, I've just been a fan of you guys since the band was started, it's
not like I have posters plastered on my walls," Beth answered sarcastically.
"Do you stare at them all the time?" I teased, winking at her.
"Shut up," she muttered.
"Harold, old friend, if she does, she's staring at me, sorry to break it to you,"
Louis announced airily.
"Dream on Lou," I chuckled, elbowing his side.
"Liaaaaaaam, Harry's being nasty," Louis then wailed, smirking at me. I sighed,
wondering how this one would end. I could already hear Liam sprinting over.
"What did you do?" Liam pouted after he had wrapped his arms protectively around
Louis. Then he noticed Beth and smiled.
"Hi Beth, you doing alright?" he asked politely, not noticing Louis quietly slip his
water pistol out of his hands.
"Uh, yeah I'm fine," she shrugged uncertainly, following Louis' movements with her
eyes. Liam frowned, then followed her gaze, but it was too late.
He let out a high shriek as the ice cold water, which was originally intended for
Louis, was poured over his head. There was another shriek, this time a distant one
belonging to Lou.
Louis' eyes widened and he managed to mouth a quick goodbye before scrambling off
the sofa and out of the picture.
Liam sighed, shaking his wet hair and trudged over to Lou, who was still muttering
audibly about the fact that the boys could never keep their hair in shape.
"Always have to do it from scratch, as if I don't have other responsibilities," she
concluded before accepting Liam's endless apologies.
"The sofa's all wet now," I grumbled, shifting so I didn't get wet trousers. I
turned back to Beth, see that she was shaking with silent laughter. I gave in and
giggled along, moving over when Niall sat down next to me curiously.
"Hi Beth, what's so funny?" he asked confusedly. Then he jumped up immediately,
letting out a yelp.
"Why is the sofa so wet?" he demanded, trying to brush a few drops off his bum
"Louis poured water all over Liam," I explained, calming down some.
"Ah, that explains Lou's behaviour," he concluded wisely, stroking an imaginary
beard. Beth was set off again, Niall grinning when he saw her giggling.
"Anyway you have two minutes, Harold," Niall continued, giving his shoulder a squeeze.
"Okay thanks Nialler," I nodded.
"I'll leave you two alone, bye Beth," he winked for good measure and left.
"Stay safe, use protection, kids!" he then called, ending up laughing at himself. I
rolled my eyes and yet again, turned back to Beth.
"I guess I'll have to say bye then," I sighed.
"I'll Skype you after the concert, if you don't mind," she added thoughtfully.
I smiled and nodded enthusiastically.
"Now go out there and have fun, I'll see you later," Beth encouraged, shooing me
away. I chuckled, blew a kiss at her and shut my laptop.
After standing up and stretching, I joined the others where they were waiting for me
to join the group hug and slung my arms around the closest shoulders.
"I'm getting you back for the water incident," Liam promised, glaring at Louis
playfully. Louis tried to look as innocent as possible and stuck his hand into the
middle of the small circle.
"Who's in?" he smirked, waiting for us to layer our hands on top of his, our
tradition before every concert.
"Let's do this," Niall agreed with his Irish accent.
"It's off to work we go," I grinned, trying to copy Niall's accent.
"You forgot the hoho," Liam added before clapping his hand on top of mine.
I yelled like a football fan at a match and roughly pulled the others into another
group hug. They joined in and soon we were a yelling mess, falling over when we lost
our balance as a group.
The stage managers found us giggling uncontrollably, tickling and kicking each
other. We needed a few minutes to be five again, you couldn't blame us for wanting
to mess around once in a while.
"Uh, gentlemen, you're supposed to go on in thirty seconds," a member of staff
mumbled, eyeing us apprehensively. We nodded and stood in a line, ready to walk out
to the endless screams, blinding lights and excited crowd. I took in a deep breath,
fixed a convincing smile on my face and breathed out again.
Liam was shaking his hands and feet, loosening up. I could see him sneak glances at
Louis as he took a better hold on his water pistol. I saw Louis had somehow acquired
one too and sighed. I guessed it was going to be another wet concert. Niall was
laughing at something Louis had just said, not to my surprise.
I closed my eyes and pictured Beth, reminding myself that she would be watching. It
really calmed me down, I'd have to get her to watch every livestream.
"Five," yelled a man behind us. I grinned at the others, feeling all pumped for this
show now.
Niall punched me on the arm lightly, repeating the word with a giggle.
The man then lifted his arm as if to show us the way and we jogged on, met by
thousands of screams. I blinked in the sudden light, then quickly sprinted back. I
had forgotten my microphone backstage.
Lou was standing just behind the scene, reaching out to hand it to me and I grabbed
it, muttering a quick thanks.
"Sorry about that, I forgot my microphone," I said into it, jumping when my voice
boomed through the stadium. I could hear Niall laughing at me.
"Harry, Harry, Harry," Liam tutted, shaking his head.
I ignored him and proceeded, saying hello to the filled stadium. I smiled when the
crowd erupted in cheers at once.
"Anyway, can anyone guess what the first song on the list is?" Louis asked, smirking
because it was a bit of a stupid question. The crowd screamed two words and he
"That's right, No Control," Niall chuckled.
"Uh Niall," I called hesitantly.
"Oh great," Liam groaned.
"Um, we were supposed to step out singing No Control weren't we?" Louis asked when
it dawned on him.
"Sorry San Diego!" Liam apologised as he rushed us all out again.
"Way to go boys," Lou told us sarcastically, grinning as we appeared next to her
"Damn, that's never happened before has it?" I asked, looking around to see everyone
shaking their heads.
"I hope they don't mind," Liam mumbled.
"Calm down both of you, the most of them probably think it's hilarious," Louis
grinned, elbowing Niall.
"Are you ready to go on? I'm sorry about that," a member of staff apologised,
interrupting us.
"Let's do this," Louis smiled, repeating Niall's earlier words as he walked towards
the edge of the stage again. We followed him and I sighed, still feeling
embarrassed. We had another group hug, composed ourselves and waited for the
countdown to end.
Finally the beginning of the song played and we ran out, successfully starting the
I always enjoyed singing No Control, it was fun and in my opinion, we were
exceptionally good at this song.
Suddenly I realised I had half a second till my solo began and took a deep breath
before starting.
"Still a trace of innocence on the pillowcase," I finished off with a smirk. The
rest of the song went well, considering the fact that we had started off the concert
in a muddle.
When No Control was over I made sure to apologise for our messed up beginning, but
Louis was right. The people I could see were laughing or rolling their eyes
I let Niall take over and talk to the crowd and soon we were already coming towards
the end of the concert. I shook my head, feeling surprised. How could time pass so
"Next up is Little Things," Liam announced with a smile, interrupting my thoughts. I
immediately smiled too. I loved Little Things, I was also sure it was a song
everyone liked.
I remembered that I was skyping Beth after the concert and I felt happy but sad at
the same time. Sure, it was great that we could still talk to each other, but I just
wanted to see her in person and hug her close to me. My face fell and I frowned
slightly. But then I remembered her words and forced a smile on my face again. I was
going to sing this song to her, I decided fiercely. I just hoped I could find the
right camera to look at. I suddenly wondered if Karime would be watching the
livestream too and hurried over to Niall, tapping his shoulder.
"What's up Harry?" he asked after he had put his microphone a safe distance away.
"I was just wondering, is Karime watching?" I asked carefully.
"Yeah, I'm singing my part to her," he replied proudly.
"You stole my idea," I pouted, but then pulled him towards the crowd.
"I wonder where the camera used for the livestream is," I said into my microphone.
My words got the reaction I had wanted and my eyes followed the hundreds of
helpfully pointing fingers until they discovered a camera.
"There you are," I mumbled.
"We're reading some signs before this song right?" Louis asked Liam on the other
side of the stage.
I memorised where the camera was and replied for Liam.
"Yeah, I can see one I like," I smirked as a sign caught my eye. I pointed at it.
"Harry, tell us a joke," Niall read out loud.
"No," Liam teased.
"Yes, I happen to have some very good ones up my sleeve," I pouted.
Suddenly Niall pulled my right sleeve up.
"Funny, I don't see any," he grinned.
"They're up my left one," I retorted, sticking my nose in the air. I realised Liam
and Louis had come closer.
They shared a look with Niall.
"Whatever you're thinking, don't do it," I warned them. They just came closer.
Suddenly I realised they were going to tackle me and sprinted off, yelling as I
"How do NASA organise a party?" I yelled, dodging Louis.
"They planet!" I then shouted frantically, jumping over Niall's outstretched leg.
"How do astronauts say sorry?" I shrieked as Liam grabbed my belt loop.
"They Apollo-gise," I screamed when he jumped on me. He triumphantly pulled my left
sleeve up, sitting on my legs to keep me down.
"It looks like Harry doesn't have any jokes up his left sleeve either," he laughed.
I stopped trying to scramble away in defeat and let my arms drop to the floor. I
then closed my eyes stopped moving altogether. Louis decided to come over and squirt
us with water.
"I think you accidentally killed me," I whispered so just Liam could hear it.
"Harry says he thinks I accidentally killed him," he announced to the crowd, getting
off me.
"But I survived!" I yelled into my microphone dramatically, jumping up.
"But he survived," Liam nodded with a grin.
"Welcome to the new drama queen in town," Niall giggled and I struck a silly pose,
then skipped off.
I could see him roaring with laughter and I grinned, feeling a little proud.
"He's just trying to impress Be-" Liam started, but Niall cut him off in time with a
loud yell into his microphone. He wasn't laughing anymore and Liam looked horrified
at what he had been about to say.
"Erm, he's just trying to impress baby Niall," he said, pronouncing 'baby' so it
sounded more like 'bebby'.
"Nice save," I mouthed, smiling through my shock.
"I am not a baby," Niall frowned playfully.
"Yes you are Nialler, you're my little baby," Louis played along, trying to pick
Niall up without dropping him.
"Let's sing Little Things so Louis' baby can go to sleep before he dies of
laughter," Liam chuckled.
"That would be quite funny wouldn't it? Niall Horan, death by laughter," I added
"It wouldn't be funny if you died though," I added, knowing he wouldn't take it
personally anyway.
"The person reading that would die of laughter then," Niall continued.
"And the next person too, careful there Nialler, you could be a serial killer,"
Louis teased, faking shock.
"It would be a slow process though, why do that when you can just ask me to tell one
of my fantastic jokes?" I grinned, another joke popping into my head.
"Let's sing Little Things then," Louis announced briskly, letting go of Niall again.
"Oh come on, one joke?" I pleaded.
"Little Things it is," Liam agreed.
"Just one, please!" I begged, pulling Liam's arm. I huffed when the music started,
but remembering my earlier decision, I grabbed Niall's wrist and pulled him over to
where the livestream camera was. Liam and Louis followed us, wanting to stick
together during the song like we usually did.
We sat down next to each other, Niall gripping his guitar tightly.
And the words started. I made sure to look into the camera the whole time. I hoped
Beth knew I was mentally dedicating the song to her.
Louis' solo started and I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye. It was
Liam unscrewing the cap to his water pistol. I suppressed a laugh.
"You can't go to bed without a cup of-" Louis started, but he gasped as he was cut
off by Liam pouring the entire contents of his water pistol on his head.
"Cold, icy water," Louis shuddered, shaking his head, so that little droplets flew
everywhere. He finished his solo valiantly and then it was my turn.
"I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape, you never want to know
how much much you-" I skipped the word 'weigh', since no girl or guy for that matter
should worry about their weight.
"You still have to squeeze into you your jeans," I sang and looked down, so the next
words were more important in a way.
"But you're perfect to me," I finished my solo, looking up again.
"I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth, but if it's true, it's you,
it's you they add up to," I looked down, suddenly missing Beth much more than usual.

"I'm in love with you and all your little things," I sang, my voice breaking in the
middle of the line.
"Fuck," I muttered inaudibly, cursing myself. I took a deep breath and checked my
eyes for any escaped tears before looking back at the camera serenely.
Niall glanced at me once during his solo, took in my miserable expression and put a
hand on my shoulder, squeezing it gently. Otherwise, he used the same tactic as me,
never taking his eyes off the camera. I noticed him blink rapidly and knew at once
that he felt the same as I did. I wouldn't put it past him to miss Karime as much as
I missed Beth. I knew it was going well with the two of them and that she meant a
lot to him. I patted his back understandingly.
We both got through the rest of the song without showing any signs of sadness,
though the earlier slips couldn't have been missed.
When the concert ended, I checked that a wide, fake smile was plastered on my face,
thanked the crowd and we left.
Once we were backstage I rushed to my laptop, ignoring the offers of food and drink.
I opened Skype, opened a video call to Beth and waited impatiently for her to appear
on my screen.
When she did, I sighed in relief.
"Harry were you crying? What happened?" she demanded immediately. I could see
nothing but concern in her eyes.
"Don't worry about it, just silly old me missing you," I mumbled, looking at my knees.
I could hear Beth sigh and at first I thought it was out of sheer exasperation, but
I looked up to see her looking at least as dejected as I felt. I felt bad
immediately. I had been the one to constantly bring it up, it wasn't as if Beth
needed to be reminded time and time again that we were going to be apart for seven
"I'm sorry Beth, I don't mean to be this miserable," I apologised, feeling even worse.
"Don't apologise, silly," she retorted, shaking her head.
"Okay, sorry," I grinned. She rolled her eyes playfully.
"Now we're talking about apologising, your jokes were hilarious," she giggled and my
smile grew.
"Well thank you," I chuckled, taking a bow. It was a bit hard to do, seeing as I was
sitting on the sofa.
"But what was that at the beginning? How did you manage to do that?" Beth asked,
scarcely holding back another laugh.
"I honestly have no idea, I'm still confused," I admitted, shaking my head.
"Oh yeah, did you like Little Things?" I asked, suddenly remembering my little scheme.
"Yeah, it was great, like you were singing it to me," she smiled, looking down.
"Well I was, just think of it as me singing to you with a few others listening in,"
I grinned sheepishly.
"A few? There were thousands at that concert," she remarked, raising an eyebrow.
"A few thousand then," I amended huffily. She laughed at my stubborn expression.
"Anyway thanks Harry, that was really sweet of you," she said with a genuine smile.
"Oh yeah, tell Liam not to feel bad about nearly saying my name, he saved it really
well, it wasn't weird at all," she remembered and I nodded.
Suddenly she turned around, listening to something. She sighed and turned back to me.
That was my dad, it's time for tea," she explained.
"Okay, I'll Skype you tomorrow, you in for that?" I asked, just making sure.
"Of course, that's a stupid question," she replied, making me smile.
"Okie dokie then, bon appetit" I grinned, exaggerating the French accent.
"Merci Mr. Styles," she grinned back. I blew a kiss and waved at her, then logged out.
I just had to keep myself distracted, then I wouldn't be too sad all the time. Who
knew, maybe I could even visit Beth after a few months. I just needed to take my
mind off the fact that I was thousands of miles away from her.
I stood up, stretching. I looked around for something to do and spotted a table
tennis table.
"Who's up for a round of table tennis?" I yelled, running to get a bat. I heard
three familiar voices behind me and smiled. This was going to be interesting.



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