"What's wrong? What's happening?"
"Just some complications."
Beth and Harry? Great match. But things are complicated. And how are you supposed to fight complications when they have been part of your relationship from the start?


15. 15

[Beth's P.O.V.]
It was already Friday afternoon and I sighed as I put a few things into a bag,
getting ready to say bye to Harry at the airport. My mum had agreed to give me a
lift, since she was going past the airport anyway and Harry had planned his flight
so he was leaving from the airport closest to me.
I checked my watch. It was already five. Harry was leaving at six. I flopped onto my
bed and stared out of the window. It was sunny and bright outside, giving me the
feeling that the weather had decided to show the opposite of my mood.
"Beth, we're leaving!" my mum suddenly called, the sound muffled by the walls
between us. I sighed again and picked up my bag once I had safely planted both feet
on the floor.
She was waiting for me at the door and looked up with a sympathetic smile when I
appeared at her side.
"You'll see him soon enough," she said in a comforting voice, putting a hand on my
shoulder. I nodded glumly and followed her to the car.
The drive was quiet as I watched the houses and fields slip by wordlessly. I felt
like I was looking for reassurance in the surroundings, but nothing seemed to lift
my mood. Once in a while I could feel my mum's concerned gaze on the back of my
head, but I kept my eyes on the landscape outside.
Soon, far too soon, I was in front of the airport, saying a halfhearted goodbye to
my mum before she sped off again. I looked around to check if I could see the face I
already missed sorely, but to no avail.
Harry wasn't there yet.
Pulling my bag closer, I stepped inside and let the warmth of the building wash over
me. A free bench caught my eye and I hurried to sit down, before it got taken by
other people waiting for their acquaintances. Luckily, the bench was in full view of
the entrance, so Harry couldn't miss me when he entered the crowded building.
I played with the zipper of my bag distractedly, wanting to do something to take my
mind off what was to happen in less than an hour.
Then, out of the blue, two hands covered my eyes, making me temporarily blind. My
fingers froze immediately.
"Your money or your life," a gruff voice growled into my ear, but I couldn't keep a
smile off my face when I heard a familiar giggle.
"Oh no! Someone save me!" I cried, pretending to swoon with his hands still firmly
placed over my eyes.
The fit of giggles behind me was enough to make me start too, as much as I wanted to
Then his hands were gone and I blinked in the sudden light, trying to focus. His
face was in front of me before I could count to three. It was impossible not to
smile with him grinning at me.
Harry pulled me to my feet and then straight into his arms for a long hug.
"I missed you," he mumbled into my hair.
"Not as much as I'll be missing you when you leave," I whispered, reality coming
back to me harshly. All I wanted to do was bury my face in his chest and never let
go. But he did let go.
"I'll Skype you every night okay?" he murmured, smiling bravely even though the
agony in his eyes told a different story.
"You definitely will," I nodded firmly. His smile faltered and it hurt me to see how
sad he was. He pulled me in for another hug and I wrapped my arms around his waist
tightly, daring time to rip him away from me.
"It's just seven months, only just over half a year, it's going to be fine," I
mumbled into his chest. But I wasn't sure if I was trying to reassure him or myself
"Just seven months," he echoed in a hollow voice.
I heard him breathe in deeply, as if he was trying to memorise the scent of my hair.
I closed my eyes and listened to the regular beat of his heart, pounding a soothing
rhythm against his chest. A sigh suddenly escaped his lips. I tightened my hold on
him, knowing what it meant.
"I have to go," he said, his voice breaking on the last word. I pulled back,
recognising defeat and nodded dejectedly. He put a finger under my chin and lifted
my head so he could lock his eyes on mine.
"I want you to remember that whatever you may hear, whatever rumour reaches you,
it's not true unless I tell you it is," he stated forcefully, his gaze hardening.
I nodded and his eyes softened. He leaned in and kissed me tenderly, but with an
edge of desperation, which I replied to equally. I wouldn't see him for such a long
time, so long that the thought of it was unbearable now that I had to face it.
Harry pulled away, looking deep into my eyes again.
"I love you," he whispered.
"I love you too," I sighed, taking his hand in mine. He looked down and entwined our
fingers, wrapping his tightly around mine.
Together we walked towards the barrier. I had never hated it this much, the way it
loomed closer, mocking me.
Then Harry stopped. He let go of my hand with a pained expression and walked past
the barrier, stopping once to mouth a goodbye before he continued.
I stood there, watching his back retreat until I couldn't separate it from the
blurry crowd. Only then did I turn my back on him and sit myself on the same bench
as before. I could smell his cologne in the air, hanging above me like a grey cloud
bringing rain and darkness.
I bit my lip to stop the moisture in my eyes from spilling over and stared at the
passing cars without really seeing them. I couldn't really bring myself to believe
that he had really gone. Harry had left.
The next few hours were a hazy mess and I suddenly found myself lying on my bed yet
again, gazing out of the window. I indifferently acknowledged that the brightness of
the morning was gone, clouds and rain replacing it. At last the weather was echoing
my mood, I thought wryly as I watched the sky darken by the minute.
After a few hours and a refused meal, I dragged myself out of bed, turned some music
on and got out a pencil and some paper. My goal was to distract myself, but I could
only start sketches of Harry before I put down my pencil in frustration and glared
at the paper.
A tear dropped, smudging the lines on the sheet and I sighed when Summer Love came on.
So far, the first few hours had been horrible. How was I supposed to endure another
seven months?



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