"What's wrong? What's happening?"
"Just some complications."
Beth and Harry? Great match. But things are complicated. And how are you supposed to fight complications when they have been part of your relationship from the start?


14. 14

[Harry's P.O.V.]
"Hey mate, how did it go?" Niall yelled as soon as I had closed the door.
I kicked off my shoes happily and left them lying on the floor as I made my way
towards where I predicted Niall would be.
"Here, I made a sandwich for you. Now talk," he demanded.
I took the sandwich, realising that I actually felt a bit hungry. That worried me
immediately. Did that mean I hadn't packed enough food? Had Beth arrived at home on
a half empty stomach?
I groaned and Niall looked confused.
"What?" he frowned.
"I don't think I brought enough food," I replied, putting my head in my hands.
"Goddammit Harold, how did you manage to do that?" he snickered.
"Shut up," I mumbled.
"But anyway how was it?" he asked again.
"It was perfect other than the lack of food," I smiled, feeling warm inside at the
thought of the date.
"Did she kiss you?" Niall prompted in slight impatience.
"Why do you want to know that?" I asked suspiciously.
"Oh sorry for being curious Mr Do Not Ask Questions," he answered, rolling his eyes.
"Yeah we kissed," I said reluctantly. I had wanted to keep that between us since it
was a memory we shared, but Niall was one of my best mates.
He whooped and slapped me on the back.
"I actually think she's the one for you, mate. It's a kind of feeling I have," he
grinned. I grinned back, happy that I wasn't the only one who thought that.
"Yeah same. She's special," I agreed. He winked at me and patted my shoulder again
and I took the first bite of my sandwich.
"Miall fis ish fenominal," I tried to say with my mouth stuffed.
"You're gonna have to say that again mate, I didn't get a word of that," he chuckled.
I swallowed loudly and grinned apologetically.
"I said this is phenomenal," I then translated.
"Good to hear, I'm gonna go and play some FIFA again," he smiled. I nodded and soon
enough I heard him in the living room, shouting at the players that couldn't hear
I joined him later and we sat there for three full hours, yelling ourselves hoarse
at the minuscule football players. We decided to have a break at some point so I got
a coke for both of us. When I came back, he seemed nervous.
"What's up?" I asked, glancing at his fidgeting fingers.
"Do you think Beth has Karime's number?" he questioned quietly.
"I can ask. Why?" I enquired. He was hardly ever nervous and this wasn't bungee
jumping or anything.
"Oh. Um. I just think she's got something of mine and I'd like to have it back," he
stuttered, avoiding my gaze.
"That's a lame excuse, come on, tell me Nialler," I grinned jumping on his lap to
prevent him from escaping to his room.
"Alright," Niall grumbled. I crossed my legs expectantly and he winced in pain as my
full weight shifted on his thighs.
"Ow that hurts, can you get off me please?" he grunted.
"Nope, now talk," I smiled innocently, tilting my head to one side.
"I like her, okay?" he admitted with a hint of annoyance in his Irish voice.
"Ah, you want to ask her out," I smirked.
He looked away defiantly and then turned to face me again.
"Yeah, I guess I do," he said in a resigned way.
"Hey then she does have something of yours, Niall she's taken your heart," I winked
cheekily. He grunted in a noncommittal way.
"Niall you should be jumping around in excitement, not acting all glum," I pointed
out, poking his cheek.
"Well there's a bit of a problem isn't there?" he said, now properly irritated with
"What?" I asked blankly.
"You and Beth live in the same country, so you can see her when you're home," he
"Yeah, and?" I frowned.
"Well Karime kind of lives in America," he pointed out.
"Distance is never a problem," I replied stubbornly. I wanted this to work for Niall.
"Who am I kidding, she'd probably never want me anyway, we're always on tour and she
probably has much better guys around her," he sighed, putting an elbow on my thigh
and resting his head in his hand.
That made me think. Niall was right. We were on tour literally all the time and we
were hardly ever home. Beth surely also had much better guys near her. Guys that
could be with her all the time. They would be much better boyfriends.
I pushed the depressing thoughts aside. Now was about Niall. Not me.
"Come on, I'll ask Beth for her number and you can text her when you feel ready,
okay?" I suggested. He smiled slightly and nodded.
"Thanks Harry," he said quietly. I pulled him into a hug and we sat there silently
for a minute or so. When we both pulled away I gave him a wink and got off him. He
groaned in pleasure at losing the weight on his lap and I laughed demonically.
"Right, I'll get that number for you then," I grinned.
I whipped out my phone, sat down on the table and scrolled through my contacts until
I saw the name I could never miss.

Me: Hey sunshine, I was wondering if I could get Karime's number? x

Beth <3: Yeahh sure I'll ask her. Why though?

Me: Don't tell her okay?

Beth <3: Okieee

Me: Niall fancies her so he'd like to have some way of communicating with her.

Beth <3: Aww that's so sweet I'll ask her right away x

I waited until I heard a ding and I looked at my screen.
"Hey Niall," I smirked.
"What?" he asked, looking up.
I showed him my screen triumphantly and his eyes widened.
"Oh my god, I love you mate!" he yelled ecstatically.
He nearly tripped over in his haste to grab my phone and feverishly type the phone
number on his. Then he grinned and kissed me on the cheek. Man, this boy was happy.
"Legend!" he shouted over his shoulder as he ran off to his bedroom.
I shook my head with a smile on my face and sat down to keep texting Beth.
That's when she asked the question I had been dreading.

Beth <3: So when are you going back on tour?

[Beth's P.O.V.]
I couldn't forget that date. It had been amazing. Simply amazing. And the kiss.
Perfect. Right time, right place and definitely the right person.
I was actually texting him right now. The guy I loved with all my heart, as cheesy
as that sounded. I had just given him Karime's number so Niall could text her and I
thought the whole situation was so sweet. I was sure that Karime would be overjoyed.
I mean she already loved Niall.
That reminded me that they were in the band. Band equals fans. Fans equal concerts.
Concerts equal tours.
I sighed. Of course Harry would have to leave again at some point and I was truly
dreading that day. I would definitely be saying goodbye to him at the airport. I
wouldn't miss getting to spend the last moments with him before he went.

Me: So when are you going back on tour?

I waited a few minutes for an answer, but I didn't get one, so I logged into
Instagram and asked the girls on our DM. At least one of them had to know it.
Suddenly my phone vibrated in my hand and I saw that I had got a text from Harry.

Harrehhh <3: I really don't know how to put this....

Confused, I wondered what was wrong. That's when my phone vibrated again and I
checked Instagram to see that Laura had answered.
My heart sank at what I saw. He was leaving me in three days. I looked at my watch
and saw that it was past midnight. That meant it was Wednesday.

Me: You're leaving on Friday?

Harrehhh <3: Friday evening yes.

Harrehhh: I'm so sorry Beth.

I bit my lip hesitantly. I could understand that it had been a bit difficult for him
to bring it up. There hadn't really been an opportunity to talk about it yet. I
really should just have been happy that he was being straight with me now. But a
part of me was slightly hurt about the fact that he hadn't told me before now. We
had hardly any time left until he left for, I didn't know, six months?

Me: It's okay.

Harrehhh <3: Thanks for forgiving me, I'm so sorry for not saying anything about it until now.

Me: It's fine. How long do you think you'll be away for?

I waited, dreading the answer. Whatever it was, it would be a long time.

Harrehhh <3: Seven months.

I sighed, trying not to feel too sad. But I couldn't push the numb feeling inside
out of the way.

Harrehhh <3: You have to promise to Skype me and call me every day okay?

Me: I will, don't worry x

Harrehhh <3: I'm going to miss you so so so much, babe

Me: You know I'm going to miss you too, but let's use the time we still have, okay?

Harrehhh <3: Agreed. Do you feel like going out tomorrow?

Me: Of course I do what kind of a question is that?

Harrehhh <3: Good, I'll think of something :)

Me: Alright, I have to go, I'm working on a new drawing so I should get on with that.

Harrehhh <3: Is it me? ;)

I blushed. It was him. Most of my drawings were of him, actually.

Me: You'll see ;)

That didn't seem too blunt or suspicious to me, so he probably wouldn't guess that
my room was full of drawings of him. I quickly said goodbye to him and he replied
with a sweet answer that made me smile. But then I sighed sadly again. I wasn't
going to be able to see him in real life again for such a long time. And I didn't
know how I would cope with that.
Then my phone dinged again. I checked it surprisedly.

Harrehhh <3: Oh yeah, did you get enough to eat? Were you still hungry after the sandwich?

Me: Yeah thanks a lot Harry x

Harrehhh <3: Okay good I was getting worried I had dropped you off with an empty stomach.

That cute little dork.

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