"What's wrong? What's happening?"
"Just some complications."
Beth and Harry? Great match. But things are complicated. And how are you supposed to fight complications when they have been part of your relationship from the start?


10. 10

[Beth's P.O.V.]


We had been here for six days now and the seventh day was starting. I was getting desperate, talking to Harry urgently literally all the time. As all the other times, he didn't move a single bit and I was really losing hope. His family had been checking on him every day and the rest of One Direction, also Zayn, had come by a few times. No one was happy with the status and there wasn't a day without tears. Of course, it was amazing to meet Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn in person, but I had imagined it in a completely different way, not at Harry's hospital bed. The news had got out that Harry wasn't perfectly fine and a crowd of screaming, crying Directioners had gathered outside the hospital. Harry had had to be moved to a different room because of the racket, so he could relax.

"Today is the last day, ma'am." the doctor reminded me as he bustled around, making sure that the machines were working as they should do. I didn't exactly know why he had only addressed me, everyone was here, huddled around Harry. Maybe it was because I had been the only one who had refused profusely to leave his side. Now I wasn't alone. Not on this last day. I looked around at the group. My mum, my dad, Karime, Fawz, Laura, Zayn, Louis, Niall, Liam, Gemma, Anne and me. There were twelve of us, so it was a bit cramped but we didn't mind.

"Do you think he'll make it?" whispered Niall, a crestfallen look on his face. Nobody answered him for a while, but then Laura piped up:

"I hope so."

She had said everyone's thoughts in those few words, so there was another deep silence as we watched Harry.

It carried on like that for the rest of the morning, but the tension was clear. When it approached evening, we were constantly speaking to Harry, encouraging him to wake up. But nothing worked. Absolutely nothing. I couldn't stand it anymore. I had no idea how I could live with it if he died.

"Harry, for God's sake, wake up!" I cried, shaking his arm once more.

Tehe doctors and nurses were hurrying around, turning off each machine as they went, lastly coming to the life support machine. The one that was helping him breathe.

"I'm extremely sorry, everyone. But we have to do this now. None of us want to, but it's our job right now."

He walked towards the button, sighing and holding his hand above the tiny red thing.

Then I saw it.

"HE MOVED!" I shrieked.

Anne screamed too.


"THERE!" yelled Louis as Harry's arm twitched again.

The doctor moved away fromt he machine again, his eyes widening and watching again as now Harry's eyes fluttered, half opening, then closing again.

"Alright people, let us get to him then. He'll survive." he announced. I screamed in relief, hugging the nearest person to me. The room was filled with cheers and yells and i seriously couldn't feel happier.


[Harry's P.O.V.]


I heard the person who I presumed was the doctor shuffle across the room. It was now or never. If I didn't move now then I'd never move again. I'd die. So I concentrated on my arm and solely my arm. I imagined slapping the idiot who caused all this with all the might I had in that arm and-

"HE MOVED!" shrieked Beth. I heard my mum scream too and I felt so happy! It had worked!


"THERE!" I recognized Louis' voice as I tried again. This was definitely working. I heard quick footsteps and I tried to open my eyes. I was blinded by bright light immediately but I didn't care - I was moving!

"Alright people, let us get to him then. He'll survive." a masculine voice yelled. Everyone cheered and I tried again. This was what I had been trying to do for a week.

"Alright Styles, I need you to try to twitch your arm again if you can hear me." the masculine told me. I imagined the slapping again and it worked. Maybe too well. My arm didn't just twitch, I managed to swing it through the air, finally making contact with a body.

"Oh god, sorry." I muttered automatically.

"Never mind Styles, this is miraculous. Now how are you doing this?"

"Slapping." I muttered.

"Right then, imagine kicking. Imagine kicking the guy who did this to you nice and hard." he said. I could hear him move away slightly, and it made me chuckle. I tried exactly what he had said.

"Right, well done Styles, you're making fantastic progress." I heard the voice again.

"Try to open your eyes Harry!"

I recognized Beth's voice again and my heart skipped a beat. Wrenching my eyes open, I turned my head to look straight at her, seeing her shocked expression.

"Beth!" I whispered, smiling. She looked absolutely overjoyed. Pushing past the nurses keeping the whole group of my visitors back, she sprinted to me and hugged me tightly.

"I can't believe you're back Harry!" she sobbed happily into my shoulder. I didn't say anything, just shakingly brought up my arm to hug her back. I had wanted to hug her for so long and now I finally could.

Suddenly everyone else also rushed up and covered me in hugs and kisses, joyful tears escaping here and there. I looked back into Beth's brown eyes, getting lost in them once again.

"By the way, I could hear everything." I smiled.

"Really?" she gasped.

"And I wanted to ask you something." I continued slowly. I didn't get why I was being hesitant about this.  I guess i just didn't want to lose her to a question. Maybe it was too soo. But she nodded expectantly, so I had to go on.

"Would yo like to go on another date with me?" I asked. I wanted to ask her to be my girlfriend later, when everyone wasn't watching. She beamed at me and nodded.

"Of course, just promise that you won't end up in hospital this time too." she pouted.

I stuck out my little finger and curled it around hers.

"I promise."

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