"What's wrong? What's happening?"
"Just some complications."
Beth and Harry? Great match. But things are complicated. And how are you supposed to fight complications when they have been part of your relationship from the start?


1. 1

[Beth's P.O.V.]

I quickly looked down as my phone buzzed, indicating that I had recieved a message on Instagram.


I chuckled. Now at last we had all finished school for the summer. All four of us. And I knew that this would be the best summer ever, because we had agreed to meet up in England and spend a week at my house. I couldn't wait to pick them up from the airport, it was going to be so awesome!

Karime, Fawz, Laura and I had now known each other for about twelve weeks and we were the best of friends already. It was weird how great internet friends could be. We had already made a lot of memories, including a jealous Harry girl, a liar, a Naughty Boy fan and others too. I could seriously say that I loved these three girls.

Looking around, I saw that my room was a mess. I'd have to tidy it up, it was going to house four girls and that was going to start in about three hours already. I stopped to ponder whether it would even be worth cleaning. These girls could be quite energetic from what I had seen. Deciding to do it anyway, I picked up a few clothes and chucked them into the laundry basket. Then my phone buzzed again.


I smiled again. Karime was already on her plane, since it would take her longer as she was coming all the way from the USA and Fawz was probably already at the airport. In a couple of hours their planes would land and I would be standing there ready to give them the biggest hug ever. It was going to be crazy. Just crazy. I decided to answer, because I had to show my excitedness some way, right? So I replied:


I sent that and turned to get on with my room. I mean, the sooner it was finished, the sooner I could chat with the girls. I hoped they had some sort of connection at the airport or I'd hear nothing from them for about two and a half hours.

I was finished after about half an hour of tidying. The floor was clear so now I could drag three extra mattresses in. I quickly left my room to see that my mum had already stacked them just outside my door. I started tugging the first one in, yelling a muffled: "Thanks, Mum!"

I heard an answer, but only a distant one, as I was covered by the mattress. It was actually surprising that my mum had even agreed to invite the girls over. She had been quite against the whole internet friends thing until quite recently. But I guessed that she had had a good reason to change her mind about that point.

As soon as I had crossed the threshold, I lobbed the heavy object across the room and it landed perfectly on the floor.

"Yaaaaaaas, did anyone see that? Perfect skill. Perfect." I whispered to myself.

I repeated that action with the other two mattresses, maybe not as well, but still neatly. Then I realized something. It would be a little weird if I was up high on my bed and they were down on the floor. I shrugged. There was only one solution then. I'd have to put my mattress on the floor too. I did that and then made a mental note that the now empty bed could be used to hold the three suitcases. Wow, that was smart of me to be honest.

My phone buzzed yet again. This time it wasn't from Laura, but Fawz.

1d_louist91: Guys I'm getting on the plane now!!!! Miss ya xx 

I grinned. It was going to be soon! I was going to see my friends really soon! I replied to her too:


Suddenly a new message came in:


I hurried to answer again:

bc.drawings: SEE YA LATER THEN NOT TTYL GIRL BUT ACTUALLY SEE ok have fun both of u xx

Everyone had already said goodbye to Karime. I could imagine that she would be absolutely knackered when she arrived. But I'd be ready with waffles and Nutella. That would give her enough sugar to survive the jet lag.

I had planned to also make the 'beds' before they arrived, so I moved my behind again and stood up to find some sheets, duvets and pillows. At least I wouldn't have to make my own bed.

My mum came in to check that everything was in its place and after nodding appreciatively, she said:

"You girls are going to have fun. I can already see that."

I grinned and agreed. Of course we were.

She left again and I finished off the last mattress, then stepped back to admire my handiwork. I wasn't bad at that. Not at all. I checked my watch. I still had one hour to burn before we left to pick the girls up. I couldn't make the waffles yet. They'd be cold before we came home. And I was done with my room.

Sighing, I took out my phone and sat down on my mattress. There was one thing I could practically always do. Listen to music and read fanfics.

So I closed my door, turned up the volume and opened 'Psychotic'. It was a really good fanfic and I had time so why not?

While I read, I got lost in Harry's world. Everyone thought he was mad. Disturbed. Mentally ill. But he wasn't. He really wasn't. It was lucky that he wasn't shut up in real life.

Soon my mum called from downstairs and I jumped up immediately. It was time.

I rushed down the stairs, tugged my shoes on and threw on a jacket. Then I sprinted outside and jumped up and down next to the car, begging my mum to hurry up. At last she also came out of the house, locked the door and unlocked the car. I hopped inside and my mum copied. Finally she also had her seatbelt on and she started the ignition. As we started the twenty-minute drive, all I wanted to do was whine at her to go faster, but I knew that it wouldn't make the other three come sooner.

We spent the twenty minutes listening to the radio, chatting and planning.

"Ok, so you and the girls can go to a theme park tomorrow. I'll take you there and back, but you'll have to be on your own there." she stated.

"We'll be fine, thanks mum. But we still have to decide where exactly we're going." I replied.

We really did have to think of that. Otherwise I hadn't planned much. Maybe a trip to London. I knew that Laura would love that. She missed England so much and she had only been back once since she moved to Switzerland. But I was also sure that the other two would love a trip to London too. It was literally a must-do if you were in England. I opened my mouth to ask my mum what she thought of it, but she interrupted me and I felt the car stop.

"We're here."

I jerked out of my trance and looked around. Indeed, we were already at the airport.

"Oh my God!" I squealed and my mum smiled.

I opened the door and stumbled out quickly before slamming it shut. My mum climbed out calmly and then I pulled her with me to the entrance. She jogged after me as I sprinted to the doors. People stared as I skidded through the building, then stopped at Arrivals. But I didn't care. I was about to really hug three girls I had known for twelve weeks, of course I was excited. Ignoring all the looks, I tapped the ground impatiently with my foot. I looked up at the screens. The flights from the USA, Libya and Switzerland had arrived five minutes ago. But that had to mean that -

Suddenly three screams coming from different directions split the air. My eyes widened as I looked around. I had never heard them before, but I knew exactly who they belonged to.


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