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In this Seth MacFarlane cartoon adaption of 'Toy Story 2', Woody (Glenn Quagmire) is kidnapped by Al McWhiggin (Adam West) and Buzz Lightyear (Cleveland Brown) and his friends organizes a rescue mission.
But will Buzz and his team find their missing friend? And will Woody ever want to go back, with the stake of his new friends at risk of going back into storage?


10. Welcome home, Andy!

“Yee-haw!” Andy cried, as he jumped out of the Davis’ car as it parked on their driveway.
   Andy wasted no second getting to his bedroom. He stood on a chair to reach the shelf where he put Woody on before he left for cowboy camp.
   “Hey, Woody!” he cried. “Did you miss me?” But Woody wasn’t on the shelf. “Woody?”
   He looked behind to see Woody, Buzz and all his toys including new ones like Jessie and Bullseye and the Pizza Hutt aliens on his bed. ‘Welcome home, Andy!’ was written on Etch.
   “Oh, wow!” exclaimed Andy. “New toys! Thanks, mom!” He picked up Woody, Bullseye, Jessie and Buzz and played with them.
   While Andy was playing with those toys, Hamm, Slinky, Rex and Potato Head came alive.
“After all the trouble we’ve been through to get Woody back home and give Jessie and Bullseye a new home, he gives thanks to his mom?” Potato Head moaned. “We get no thanks at all.”
   “Think about it, Potato Brain,” snapped Hamm. “Andy’s been at Cowboy Camp this weekend and doesn’t know about our adventures.”
   “Besides Woody thanked all of us for saving us,” said Slinky. “Including me.”

On their way back to 234 Elm Street, on the baggage cart, Woody was thanking every toy who saved him. Then he turned to Slinky. Woody checked to see if the other toys were watching him, which they were.
   Woody sighed and turned to face Slinky. “Slink, you never gave me anything to make you think you were more than a… plastic… dog… toy. But today you proved me wrong. After what you did for me this weekend, I’ve had a change of heart.” All the toys cheered.
   “Well, when I said heart, I meant I’ve changed a few of my veins,” said Woody. “A few. That’s all.”

A few days later, everyone felt bright as the sun shone in Andy’s room, especially Andy.
   “Andy, come on, hon,” said Andy’s Mom. “Time for school. Hey, you fixed Woody!”
   “Yeah,” smiled Andy, looking at Woody with his new-fixed arm. “Glad I decided not to take him to camp; his whole arm might have come off.”
   Andy closed the door behind him.
   Woody came to alive. “Well, what do you know?” he smiled.
   “Well, I know before he left you behind on Friday,” said Rex, “I remember you saying, ‘Going to summer camp without me? Well, (bleep) you! See if I care!’”
   “Not so loud, Rex!” snapped Woody. “I was angry; I didn’t mean it! And I don’t think Andy needs to hear that, thank you!”
   “Well, I’m glad you’re back, Woody,” said Bo Peep. “But I’m a bit disappointed you’re on steroids.”
   “I’m not on steroids, Bo,” said Woody, showing his new strong arm with a muscle. “Andy fixed me up and he put fluff in my arm to make me look strong.”
   “You look like a muscle-bound fool,” said Bo. “Like Mr. T!”
   “What ya talkin’ about, fool?” snapped a toy version of Mr. T.
   Meanwhile, Mr. Potato Head was with Mrs. Potato Head.
   “Why the hell haven’t you paid these bills?” snapped Mr. Potato Head.
   “Because instead of working and earning money, you left me alone to go find the big boss and leave me to do all the housework!” yelled Mrs. Potato Head.
   “What housework?” snapped Mr. Potato Head. “We don’t even have a house!”
   “You have saved our skins, kind sir,” said the Pizza Planet aliens. “We are forever in your debt.”
   “And now you bring home three more mouths to feed!” went on Mrs. Potato Head.
   “Yes, I wish I didn’t save their lives now, all right?” snapped Mr. Potato Head.
   “You saved their lives?” asked Mrs. Potato Head. “Well, that does make you a hero. And they’re so adorable, despite their diseases. Oh, what the hell! Let’s adopt them!”
   “What?” cried Mr. Potato Head. “Now, wait a minute!”
   “DADDY!” cried the three aliens hugging him.
   “Oh, no!” moaned Mr. Potato Head.
   “Hey, Potato Head,” cried Hamm. “Maybe this will cheer you up.” He turned the volume and everyone could see and hear Al in front of his Toy Barn on TV. He wasn’t in his chicken suit; he was in his hobo suit – literally.
   “Welcome to Al’s New Crappy Toy Barn,” said Al. “We have the lowest prices and the crappiest toys in town. Everything for a buck, buck, buck!” And he began to sob. “I lost everything else: my biggest deal of all time, my penthouse and my virginity to a Japanese prostitute.”
   Then Wheezy came squeaking by.
   “Wheezy, you’re finally fixed,” cried Woody.
   “Yeah, I feel like the opposite of crap,” said Wheezy.
   “Does this mean I can treat like crap just like old days for old time sake?” asked Woody.
   “After I sing my song first,” said Wheezy. He grabbed up the microphone from Mr. Mike and sang You’ve Got a Friend in Me. But with his geeky voice, everyone hated his singing.
   Buzz flipped his helmet on. “Now I won’t be hear that awful singing.” He turned around and bumped into Jessie. “Oh, sorry, ma’am,” he said.
   Jessie just put his arms around the space ranger toy. “Just called me Jessie, Buzz,” she said lustfully.
   Buzz was falling into her arms, literally. Then he noticed the audience was watching. “Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty!”
   All the toys gathered around in the middle of Andy’s room to see a toy version of Conway Twitty singing It’s Only Made Believe. Woody and Buzz with Bo and Jessie stood on Andy’s desk watching Twitty sing.

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