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In this Seth MacFarlane cartoon adaption of 'Toy Story 2', Woody (Glenn Quagmire) is kidnapped by Al McWhiggin (Adam West) and Buzz Lightyear (Cleveland Brown) and his friends organizes a rescue mission.
But will Buzz and his team find their missing friend? And will Woody ever want to go back, with the stake of his new friends at risk of going back into storage?


6. Al's Toy Barn

A shopping cart at Al’s Toy Barn was being pushed not by a human customer, but by Buzz. All the other toys were on it.
   “Why are we on this shopping cart in the first place?” asked Potato Head.
   “So we don’t get discovered by the employees, if they do come,” Slinky explained. Then he saw a sign on the door. “Oh, no, it’s close!”
   “We’re not dyslexic toys, Slinky,” Potato Head pointed out. “We can read. Unlike this guy who’s going in the shop when the sign says they’re closed.”
   “That’s a staff member, Potato Head,” Buzz told him.
   Then they saw the man walking through the automatic doors.
   “All right, let’s go!” said Buzz.
   “But the sign says it’s closed!” Rex pointed out.
   The toys stood outside the doors and started jumping to make the doors open.
   “It’s not working!” moaned Rex.
   “How are we going to open the door?” asked Potato Head.
   “Let’s try it all together,” said Buzz. They did and the doors finally opened. They went in.
   Rex saw a few strategy guides for Buzz Lightyear: Attack on Zurg. It even said, ‘Want to defeat Zurg? Wanna unlock some cheats? Wanna cheat… on a girl?’ Rex happily took one.
   The toys saw how big the shop was. 
   “How the hell are we gonna find Woody in the place?” asked Potato Head.
   “Look for Al,” said Buzz. “We find that fat bastard, we find Woody. Now, move out!”
   And the toys spread out.
   “Woody!” they all called. “Woody!”

Potato Head was with Rex who was reading and babbling on about his strategy guide.
   “You know, they make it so you can’t defeat Zurg unless you buy this book,” said Zurg. “It’s extortion, that’s what it is.”
   Potato Head finally found a toy janitor. “Excuse me, sir,” he said, “but have you seen – ”
   “The entrance to Zurg, yes!” cried Rex.
   “Not you!” snapped Potato Head.
   The toy janitor walked away.
   “Now, look what you’ve done!” snapped Potato Head. “Now how can we find Woody?”
   A plastic blue car drove past them. In it was Hamm and Slinky.
   “This all you could find?” asked Potato Head.
   “Well, the other car the mechanic was working on was already taken,” said Hamm.

A few minutes ago, in the toy car section, a toy car mechanic was fixing two cars: One plastic blue car and a white car. He was working on the white one. He didn’t notice a toy version of Indiana Jones and a toy version of his father getting in the car and driving. The mechanic saw them drive off and saw the Nazi plane flying above him chasing them like in The Last Crusade. Then he turned to the plastic blue car; only it wasn’t there.

“Eh, I suppose it’ll have to do,” said Potato Head. “But let a toy with fingers drive, eh?”
   He shoved Hamm over, got in and drove around the shop.
   From aisle to aisle, they looked for Woody, but couldn’t find him.
   “You’ve been going around in circles, Potato Head!” snapped Slinky.
   “No, I’m not!” protested Potato Head. “I keep going – ”
   Then he stopped the car. The toys turned to see they were in a Barbie aisle and saw a bunch of Barbie dolls dancing at a pool party. The song on the DJ was Hot ‘n’ Cold by Katy Perry.
   “Excuse me,” said Hamm, “but can one of you babes help us find the Al of Al’s Toy Barn?”
   All the Barbie dolls were just happy dancing to their party. But one went down the slide and took the driver seat. This Barbie wore a blue hat, a blue coat, a blue skirt and a pair of glasses.
   “Oh my god!” cried Potato Head. “It’s the Meg Barbie!”
   “No, I’m Tour Guide Barbie,” said Tour Guide Barbie.
   “No, you’re the Meg Barbie!” said Potato Head.
   “No, I told you, I’m Tour Guide Barbie,” said Tour Guide Barbie.
   “Meg Barbie!”
   “Tour Guide Barbie!”
   “Meg Barbie!”
   “Tour Guide Barbie!”
   “Meg Barbie!”
   “Tour Guide Barbie!”
   Hamm pushed Potato Head and took his place. “Just drive on, Meg Barbie!” Hamm ordered.
   Tour Guide Barbie started to drive the car around.
   “This is the pre-school aisle, including toys from Sesame Street since 1969,” she said.
   “Can we just go to Al’s Office?” said Slinky.
   “Please hold all questions until the end of the tour, thank you,” said Tour Guide Barbie.
   “I wasn’t asking a question,” said Slinky.
   But Tour Guide Barbie continued the tour. They went to Star Wars aisle with toys from 1977 to the present, then the Star Trek aisle, the Harry Potter aisle and the Pokemon aisle.
   “Never imagined a Japanese cartoon show influenced on us Americans, did you?” said Tour Guide Barbie.
   “We did,” moaned the uninterested toys.
   The tour continued. “And this,” said Tour Guide Barbie, “is the Steven Spielberg aisle.” If the toys took an interested look, they would’ve seen from Duel truck toys to yet-to-be-released BFG (2016) dolls.
   “Ah!” cried Rex. “It says how you defeat Zurg! Look!” He showed the book over the front seat toys.
   “Hey, get this out of here, Fossil Head!” snapped Potato Head.
   Rex did and everyone saw them just in time to hit a shelf. They looked up to see some War of the World alien toys chasing them. Barbie drove the car away, but they were also chased by Gerlims toys and Jurassic Park dinosaur toys.
   A pterodactyl toy swooped down and grabbed Rex’s book. “Hey, my source of power!” he cried as he jumped out of the car. “Come back!”
   But, of course, the pterodactyl didn’t. He just flew on.
   Rex decided to head back to the car. “Hey, wait up!” he cried. “Slow down! Dinosaur overboard!”
   The car stopped and Rex got in, but he fell upside down on his seat.
   “Please remain seated!” said Tour Guide Barbie.
   Back on the aisle, the Steven Spielberg doll and his camera crew dolls were filming what happened to the tour guide.
   “Perfect!” exclaimed Steven. “Cut! Print! Wrap! I shall call this movie: Dinosaurs, Aliens and Gremlins. So did we film all that?”
   “Well, I did have my camera on it,” said the cameraman, taking a plastic film out of the toy camera. “But this camera is a toy camera. It doesn’t film like a real movie, you know.”

“And this is the Buzz Lightyear aisle,” said Tour Guide Barbie, as she drove the car through the aisle. “Back in 1995, short-sighted retailers did not order enough dolls to meet demand.”
   “Hey, Buzz!” cried Hamm.
   Ahead of them was Buzz. He quickly turned around and pressed his laser button. “HALT! Who goes there?” he snapped.
    “What are you doing, Buzz?” asked Slinky.
   “Just stop prating around and get in the car!” Potato Head snapped.
   “Buzz, I know how to defeat Zurg!” a self-satisfied Rex cried.
   Buzz turned his laser off. “You do?” Buzz jumped on the car.
   “Where did you get that cool belt, Buzz?” asked Hamm.
   “Well, slotted pig, they’re brand-new from Star Command,” said Buzz.
   “What’s that noise?” asked Slinky.
   There was a rattling noise coming from the aisle.
   “Some other Buzz bastard trying to get out, I think,” said Potato Head.
   Tour Guide Barbie drove on. “And this is where the tour ends,” she said a few seconds later.
   “Hey, we’ve not seen where we wanted to go!” yelled Potato Head. “Al’s office!”
   “That’s because you’re not looking at it, Potato Brain!” snapped Hamm.
Potato Head turned around and saw the door with the sign that says Al McWhiggin.
   “Oh,” said Potato Head.
   The toys went into his office.

Al’s office was more like a storeroom than an office. There were cardboard boxes around. The toys tried to find Woody, but have found no success.
   “Excuse me, gentlemen,” Slinky said a boxing play set with a toy Rocky Balboa and a toy Ivan Drago. “Have any of you guys seen a cowboy doll with a bad arm and who’s crazy about chicks?”
   “No, I haven’t,” said Rocky.
   “Hey, he was talkin’ to me!” snapped Dargo.
   “No, he was talkin’ to me!” Rocky snapped back.
   Then they started fighting.
    While Slinky, Hamm and Potato Head were still searching for Woody, Rex and Buzz were talking.
   “You see, we thought the entrance to Zurg’s fortress was through the main gate,” Rex told Buzz, “but it’s to the left, hidden in the shadows. What do you think?”
   “In the left to the shadows,” said Buzz, jotting it down in his log.
   “Since when did you take an interest in the video game?” Rex pondered.
   Then footsteps and speaking was coming from outside.
   “It’s Al!” cried Slinky.
   “Quick! Hide!” ordered Buzz.
   The toys hid under Al’s desk.
   “All right!” cried Al, as he came in. “Let me confirm your fax details.”
   “Hey, look!” cried Potato Head. “It’s the chicken man! Huh?”
   “Potato Head, it’s not the giant chicken you get into a fight with in Family Guy,” said Slinky. “It’s Woody’s kidnapper.”
   “A kidnapper?” exclaimed Buzz. “An agent of Zurg if I ever saw one.”
   While he was talking on the phone, Al was putting his photos of Woody through a scanning machine. One photo fell down and the toys saw it.
   “He must have Woody at his place,” said Hamm.
   “What?” said Al. “You’ll pay me anything I want? Yes! Now, you’re talking! I’ll be on the next flight to Japan!”
   “Quick! Into the poultry man’s cargo unit!” ordered Buzz.
   “It’s called a bag, Buzz,” said Slinky, as he hopped in.
   “Whatever,” said Buzz, as he jumped in.
   Then the bag was picked up and the toys were shaken about and were forced to listen to Al’s awful singing of the theme song of The Fairy OddParents.

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