The Big Bad World

This is my story. Or, sort of my story, at least. Told through the eyes of Rachel Bennet, this is the account of one girl's experience of life, and how sometimes life can start just when you think it's all about to end. I've adapted events of my life and woven them into this, starting at the age of 12 and continuing to the age of about 17, and follows the various struggles that growing up brings, and how invaluable having a simple thing such as a diary can help provide a small place of solace from the big bad world. All names have been changed.


2. 6th September 2010

Dear Diary,

Well, that's the first day back and school over and done with- I thought it would never end!! First days back always suck, but coming back after the summer holidays especially. One upside is that apparently we won't get as much homework this year (whoop whoop!), but the whole mandatory-attendance thing still makes school not the best place to be.

I know it seems petty, but my friend Adele is really getting on my nerves... She's just so flipping full of herself!! She sits there during break brushing her hair or pouting at herself in the mirror or plucking her eyebrows- I mean who does that at school??- and it just really grinds my gears. She asked how my evening was, which was nice of her, but then she was too busy checking her reflection to notice my answer that I just slowly stopped talking and she didn't even notice! Come on, if you ask someone something, at least be polite enough to listen to their reply, I mean really, is that so hard?? Urgh, it's a good thing I don't like confrontation or I just might have lost my temper by now. I just hope I don't snap one day; as much as she does annoy me, I'd feel guilty if I hurt her feelings. Damn my conscience.

Dad also told me that he's definitely not getting back together with Eleanor. He said that they're still good friends but she doesn't feel like it's going to work; she lives up in Newcastle which is pretty difficult to get to considering it's the other end of the country, and her divorce is taking longer than she thought as her ex is being stubborn about it. Personally I think she's scared and doesn't want to tell her kids that she's found someone else, and isn't ready for a proper relationship again just yet. Which is a shame because when I've spoken to her on the phone in the past she's seemed really lovely, and I'd love to have her as my stepmum. But oh well, I guess some things aren't meant to be. At least she said she'll still keep in contact and remain friends with all of us, and maybe I can meet her one day.

I've also started a novel! It's only a few pages long at the moment, but after all the short stories I've written I'm determined to carry this out and finish a proper novel. It's called “To The Death” and is set in the 1800's about a group of outcasts who live on the outskirts of society in a secret commune surrounded by cornfields; it starts off with the character Joseph who's just become a father for the first time and wants to protect his daughter Ann from the danger of the criminal organisation The Snatchers. After a few chapters, it skips to when Ann is 16 years old and a new person is brought to the commune, an 18 year old boy called Christopher, and they soon develop a connection, but he's not all he seems. But that's all I've figured out so far! I thought about it suddenly at like 11pm last week sometime when I was just falling asleep and I got the image of a young girl running through a cornfield, fleeing from someone dangerous, and I jumped out of bed to start writing and the ideas just flowed (not a usual occurrence for me!).

Anyway, mum's calling me for dinner now, so I'll write again soon!

~R x

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