Death meets Satan

The world the characters live in are full of magic; some were showered with talents as for they were wizards and some were just humans. A new member to a camp called Satan, Samantha creates friendships with many different wizards, and decides when evil is spawn, to stop its menacing actions. Follow on the story to see what happens next in the adventurous story


5. The royalty

Samantha's brain snapped to attention. "Samantha," Carley said as she looked down, fiddiling wither her fingers, "We need your help... The fire kingdom is after Eve..." Samantha's eyes widened as soon as the word 'Eve' escaped Carley's mouth, "Why?!" She shouted, demanding to know the answer. "We don't know yet," Daniel shifted, uncomfortably on the spot, his face seemed more worried than the others, "But I know that the royalty has something behind this. The Fire King. He craves for power." He stated, "He's going to slaughter anyone who stands in the way. If Eve is who he wants, we'll give him the chance to creep up closer to her by going to his territory. If we do that, no lives are going to be lost, the Death camp can narrow the executions." "We trick his mind, when he's vulnerable, we'll end him." Carley added, her face serious which made Samantha shiver because she had never witnessed Carley so tense until now. "I can handle myself when it comes with weakening him." Eve assured, "But..." Her eyes saddened. "Don't worry, we'll be able to end the terror." He placed his hand on her shoulder. "Right." Eve said, her mind somewhere else, only Daniel seemed to be with her in her view. "You okay?" Daniel said, leaning closer to Eve. "No!" Eve accidentally shouted as her cheeks turned rose, "I mean-no. I'm okay..." "Good," Samantha said, looking south, "We'll go and see what business the Fire King wants with Eve."

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