Death meets Satan

The world the characters live in are full of magic; some were showered with talents as for they were wizards and some were just humans. A new member to a camp called Satan, Samantha creates friendships with many different wizards, and decides when evil is spawn, to stop its menacing actions. Follow on the story to see what happens next in the adventurous story


1. The new member

A black-haired girl was walking up to a building which had the name; Satan. Her every steps echoed through thee darkness. Voices invaded each other to her ears. The clearest one was an old man beside her, sitting down, talking whilst spilling alcohol into his mouth, "The world's rotting!" he claimed, "There's no hope! One day, we'll be the next to get-" 

Another voice snatched the girl's attention, "I heard that more people are getting captured and getting sent to Death camp to rot." 
The person the man was talking replied, "They deserve to. 
"Who knew that Death camp actually can be reasonable?"

A girl with a long blonde hair stopped in front of the black-haired girl."May I help you?"
"I'm new."
"Ah, a new member? I heard about you, Samantha, is it?"
The girl slowly nodded.
"Well, you must be a strong wizard to actually be a member here."
"My name is Samantha." Her face showed no emotions.                                                                                                               "My name's Penny," She smiled, "What-"                                                                                                                                    She was immediately cut off by Samantha, "My sister is in Death camp. I ask of you to shut your mouths for I may harm members." Penny's mind which held mixtures of confusion and surprise, for she was amazed that someone could be so informal and formal at the same time. "We have free will to talk about anything we desire to." She smiled most friendly as she could do which wasn't so hard since she was talking to an adorable, little girl with milk chocolate coloured skin, "I don't see why we should compress the feelings we develop in our minds."                         "I do not mind you talking about Death camp, but if it is a negative thing, I shall rip their jaw."                                              

The camp fell silent.                                                                                                                                                                          Finally, a boy informed, "She's just over protective about her sister, she doesn't mean any harm."                                    Just after he said the word 'sister', the members cried in 'awe'. Samantha turned around and smiled, surprisingly, and bowed mockingly. 

"Gale." The boy introduced himself. Gale and Samantha shook hands. His mind were silent apart from one thought which kept whirling around his brain, stating that she was no ordinary girl. She was different compared to other girls. She was definitely different. 



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