Death meets Satan

The world the characters live in are full of magic; some were showered with talents as for they were wizards and some were just humans. A new member to a camp called Satan, Samantha creates friendships with many different wizards, and decides when evil is spawn, to stop its menacing actions. Follow on the story to see what happens next in the adventurous story


6. The Fire King

"The world was split into four elements although some held freedom. They are called the Rangers. But we are not them. We own the quarter of the world. We are the Fire Kingdom." The man informed a young boy. "I want to see my father." A red haired boy stated as if he had repeated this many times. "Ah~ Rupert." "Don't call my father by that name, we are royal." "but don't you believe that your father is doing bad?" The boy's pupil dropped to the corner of his eyes, hesitant.

A door creaked open; "You shall not disgrace the way of how we lead our ways even though you may be my tutor." The boy stated as he lifted his head in a confident structure. "Oh my, my." A sly voice slithered to their ears, "Look what we have here. Bullying my son?" A soft chuckle whispered out of his mouth. Somehow, his chuckle also sounded like metals scraping. "Y-Your majesty!" The man said as he dug to his knees. "Gianluca. My loyal servant. Or are you? After all, you had spoken negative thing about me." His hand was soon covered in fire, flames burning his hand. "F-Forgive me!" He shouted but it was too late.      

 The boy's eye widened in horror.

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