Death meets Satan

The world the characters live in are full of magic; some were showered with talents as for they were wizards and some were just humans. A new member to a camp called Satan, Samantha creates friendships with many different wizards, and decides when evil is spawn, to stop its menacing actions. Follow on the story to see what happens next in the adventurous story


2. ...Romance?

Gale couldn't repel the thought of Samantha all day. It was not like he didn't like it, on top of that his instinct were screaming at him, ordering him to see her. No matter how much his physical body had the urge to meet her, his mind paralyzed his body to be rooted to the ground. He made a bet with himself since he was alone and bored, like everyday, that if she finds him, then he'll fall in love with her.

He sat in the middle of the field, surrounded by dancing grasses. It was moment until he figured, 'this might take a while...'

Gale's speciality were fogs; yes, it isn't that amusing or sounds fun at all, but he could spread poison in them and can make the victims suffer. Also, in the package of fog magic, he was also gifted at being awesome at sensing others' presence as long he had air rotating around him. 

"Do you want to sit with me?" He asked.                                                                                                                                    "You smoke cigar." stated the girl. 'Just how talented is she at pointing out very small details?' Gale thought to himself. "You stink of ashes." 'Oh yeah, there's that...' Gale reminded himself.                                                                 "But I won't mind sitting next to you." The girl had no expressions displayed on her face. For right now, it was only her voice which showed fractions of her real self; the one locked inside her hard shell.                                                      

From there, he had made a goal; break the shield that she had put on.


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