Death meets Satan

The world the characters live in are full of magic; some were showered with talents as for they were wizards and some were just humans. A new member to a camp called Satan, Samantha creates friendships with many different wizards, and decides when evil is spawn, to stop its menacing actions. Follow on the story to see what happens next in the adventurous story


4. Friendship bond

Samantha reached to Rajesh, a boy with short, orange hair and milk-chocalate shade tanned on his skin. "What happened?" she asked worriedly, "Why are you here?" Questions were spitting out of her mouth but she didn't care. Desperate need of answers took over her brain. "Calm down, Sam" Rajesh said, but he wasn't smiling, "I've got news." 

Samantha was running even though it was incredibly painful because her legs were where her wings rested. When she saw three figure, her face sticked a smile on her. Her speed increased higher until she jumped, her arms to her side , about to hug a figure in the middle.

The middle figure's tattoos turned into her wings and spread to a body sized butterfly wings. No, it was wings which were wrapped so well, it looked as if they were tattoos. The woman wore no clothes. However, it didn't matter to Samantha. It was as if she was used to it. She was used to her wearing no clothes. 

When their bodies peeled away after hugging, the only man spoke, "How about me?" he smiled cheekilishly, "Do I get a hug as well? It's not fair that Carley only got a hug." Samantha smiled as she faced the man. "Well, since you insist," Samantha spread her arms, "I'm going to hug" as the man stepped to Samantha, grinning, she span on her heels and hugged the other female. "I missed you Evie." Samantha pouted. "It's just Eve." the man corrected with 'I'm annoyed' face. After Samantha parted away from the hug, she turned around, "Of course I missed you, Dan." She said, smiling. "Daniel." Daniel corrected out of habit. He knew that she wouldn't listen. He sighed thinking about the future when they are all friends but Samantha always getting his name wrong. Before he knew it, a small wrapped itself around the muscular body. Out of instinct, he hugged her back and swayed a little side to side. For some reason, she went along with the swaying. 

After all the stories they had told Samantha, it looked like her brain was going to explode from too much observation. "I think we should stop now." Carley said. Her blonde hair was beautiful and fell down to the hip and lower. "Defend your sister." Daniel stated. "That is just adorable." A smile invaded Carley's lips as she jokingly slapped the back of Daniel's head. "No," Carley corrected him, "I'm doing it because she looks like she heard so many stories that she doesn't even know what to think." Her pupils dialed towards Samantha who had little spit dribbiling out of her mouth, her eyes locked to the cieling, and her face fixed blank. "Oh yeah..." Daniel mumbled as for he only comprehended that Samantha was lost. Eve's hand stretched and placed itself to Samantha's ear which was farthest to her and gently pulled her head to her shoulder. "She's knocked out." Eve informed, not knowing what mood she was suppose to express. "No stories." SDaniel said as he claimed a comfortable stance, "SHe's literally allergic to them." "Be serious." Carley said, her face with no trace of a smile. Daniel gulped. 

Silence were among them. Finally, Daniel said with his arms crossed, "Who wants to tell her why we came here? You, Carley or me?"

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