Hecate's Traitor

Percy Jackson fanfiction.


1. The Meeting

But then, a few months ago, I saw an advertisement for Art collage, and I wanted to go. Hecate took a lot of persuading but eventually she decided she would let me enrol just for the summer, and I was enjoying it greatly until she sent me a message that she urgently needed to meet me. And here I am.


I was just thinking she might have stood me up when I spotted her gliding along the sunny streets. Satyrs saluted as she walked past and most of the other's just gazed in awe. She was wearing a purply/blue dress that portrayed the stars and galaxy’s, and her hair was put up in a loose bun. It feels kinda weird because she's my mother, but she looked like she was in her mid-twenties. I often had to remind myself, though, that she was thousands of years old.


Yep, That's my Mum!


She spotted me, waved, and sits down in the chair next to me.


“Nice dress” I mumble


“Hmm? Oh, thanks. I'm parched. What's that your having?”

She eyes the red contents of my glass.


“Pomegranate Juice”


“Oh, I'll have some of that.”


A Satyr suddenly appears, probably graced that she has decided to sit at his café. She orders the same as me.


The next few minutes we exchange small talk, about the weather and how I'm enjoying art collage and stuff like that.

Then I get down to the nitty-gritty.


“So, Why did you want to see me?”


Her face suddenly darkens, clouds gather overhead and thunder rolls. I guess the weather in Olympus must reflect the god's mood.


“I have been thinking recently. About Hera's plan and the sacred seven and all that nonsense... and I've decided I don't want to be a part of it.”



This didn't come as much of a surprise. My mother was always grumbling about how the Gods all regarded her as the 'senile witch' and how she never trusted them.


“No. And I've decided I liked what Kronos was saying, you know a while back, about how we need a new counsel of Gods and Godesses. I've been communicating with Gaia and she's convinced me... I've decided that this plan is doomed to fail.”


I put down the cake. Well, this was news. I suddenly have a lot of questions but I decide to let her continue so I can hear more.


And I've decided, my dear, that if there is going to be a war soon we need to make sure we are on the right side. The side that is going to win. Gaia is willing to let us become a part of the new world if we prove ourselves. We must sabotage the quest!”


I sit forward.


But Gaia said the quest is doomed to fail. Why would we need to sabotage it?”


It's not a question of 'if', my dear, it's a question of 'when'. Gaia just wants it done faster.”


This didn't ring very true to me but I brushed that thought aside.


So how are we going to sabotage the quest, then?”


My mother smiles, and I know she has had this planned for a while.


You are going to be the mole. I want you to join the quest, and tear them apart from the inside. Do it how you wish, but destroy them!”


There is quite a long silence until I say quietly,


But I thought you were the Godess of Crossroads so-”


“I'm afraid you don't have a choice.”




And that was how it started.

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