Dance Moms Week

The usual ALDC week for the girls and the moms. Lots of Drama and fun, but most of all... lots of dance. The original 7 girls are in this story. This starts from season one to season 5. So if you need to get a pick up of what happened on an episode, just look here i will try to update every friday. Please remind me on the comments if I forgot to update and/or missed an episode.
P.S all episodes are important!!!!


2. Season 1 episode 1 the competition begins

Today they based pyramid off of last season, which they did not air because the show is just starting. The pyramid goes Maddie Chloe Brooke Paige Nia Mackenzie Abby decides she wants her team the ALDC to compete with a new dance every single weekend. It's alot of pressure on the girls but they still clap and jump up and down anyways. The moms on the other hand, feel like as if they are in dance hell and cant get out. Well all of the moms except for Mellisa of course. She feels it will be a great opportunity for maddie. But news flash Mellisa, you have two daughters, don't forget about mackenzie! Even though Mackenzie is only 5, she is still important. Then Abby announces the group dance... "The group dance we are doing is party party party" Abby says. Then she says that maddie gets a solo and no body else. Christi feels she is getting treated unfairly because chloe was second on the pyramid and she should get s solo. But of course abby doesn't care and gives maddie's solo way more of her time then she gives the group dance. At competition Kelly and Christi go to get drinks while theres only 30 minutes before their daughters go on stage. But the girls pull it together and rock it on stage. Maddie does the same in her solo. The group dance gets a first place and so does maddies solo. It Was A Great Week For The ALDC
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