Dance Moms Week

The usual ALDC week for the girls and the moms. Lots of Drama and fun, but most of all... lots of dance. The original 7 girls are in this story. This starts from season one to season 5. So if you need to get a pick up of what happened on an episode, just look here i will try to update every friday. Please remind me on the comments if I forgot to update and/or missed an episode.
P.S all episodes are important!!!!


1. Dance Moms Summary

I almost forgot one little thing when i was about to start season 1, not everyone knows what dance moms is. So, this chapter is just an overall summary of what dance moms is. If you already know what dance moms is, I suggest you skip this chapter and go on into the fun. But if you don't know what dance moms is or just don't understand it, this chapter is for you. Dance Moms is a show where their are originally 7 girls who's moms live in through their dance life. The moms are super crazy and funny. Ill give you a description of some main characters. Abby: The crazy dance teacher who yells at her dancers 24/7. She always takes the credit from her dancers and plays favorites Gia: Abby's assistant choreographer that can actually show the girls the steps because abby is too fat to dance Christi: Chloes mom, the loudest of them all. Kelly is her best friend. Christi is always getting into fights with mellisa. Kelly: Brooke And Paige's mom, she was abby's former dancer and like to drink and go to party at clubs. Mellisa: Maddie (The favorite) and mackenzie's mom. A total but kisser to Abby and a "door mat" you will learn what that means later in the book. Holly: Nia's mom prefers to be called Dr. Holly. She is pretty boring but the fight she has with abby is really funny Jill: Kendall's mom. She will do anything for kendall to have a solo. She feels Kendall is the only thing that matters. Ok Now for the girls. The girls's personalities come out more in the show or in this case the book so i will just give you the girls pyramid Maddie Chloe Kendall Brooke Paige Nia Mackenzie
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