Emily and James

Emily and her friends enter a new world where they don't fit in. They don't have a group to belong to but Emily becomes close to a certain guy and he opens a door for all of them.


6. The chemical reactions of our love-James

I open the door, and there she is, in a pastel pink blouse and blue skinny jeans. She politely stands there waiting for me to start a conversation. She glances around nervously then smiles. I then ask her,

"Would you like to come in?"

"Yes please, but I've only got an hour, so this will have to be quite brief," she nervously replies.

As soon as she walks in I immediately feel self-concious about what she might think. She's so intelligent and beautiful that if she saw how stupid I am or can be, she might not like me. I had to think of something...fast.

"So, I'm doing chemical reactions and chemical and physical changes. Can we start with that, please?" I ask, trying to be as polite as possible.

"Of course we can. You can choose the topic and I'll just try my best to improve your understanding and knowledge of it" she replies with impeccable manners.

I could never live up to this. She had perfect manners and no matter how hard I try, I can never be quite as polite as her. Whenever I try to be polite, it just backfires and makes me look stupid, but obviously she was too polite and kind to point it out. It was as if all her life she had been trained by angels to have perfect manners and trained by cupid to capture any guy's heart she wanted. 

"Shall we sit down?" I ask.

"Yes, please." she responds naively. I pull out the chair for her whilst replying with,

"After you." She seemed to greatly appreciate it as she smiled at me and said

"Thank you, not many guys have the decency to be a true gentleman like you!" I'm a gentleman in her eyes! This is the highest compliment I can get from her, as she is the one with impeccable manners. I sit down at the table on the seat directly across from her. I begin to just gaze into her beautiful hazel green eyes. She has no idea I am doing this until she lifts her head. For a moment she begins to hold eye contact and smile until she looks away. Then her hazel eyes return to mine for a few seconds.


Emily quickly composes herself and says,

"Right, chemical reactions, what do you know?" This is a new side to Emily. She is normally soft, sweet and soothing with perfect manners. This was the same Emily but slightly more feisty.

"Not much really, just that you start with two or more substances then, when they react, they form a new substance and that's it" I admit. 

"That's okay. Well, in a chemical reaction you have two or more reactants. These are the substances that react. The reactants collide with one another, and when they collide they begin to react and form a new substance. The new substance made in a chemical reaction is called the product. When the reactants react, they form a chemical bond which is why a chemical reaction forms a new substance and it is irreversible." She explains.

"Okay, so is a chemical reaction a type of chemical change then?" I ask curiously, slightly puzzled by her detailed explanation.

"Yes it is. Do you know what the difference between a chemical and physical change is?" she asks.

"One involves a chemical reaction and the other doesn't?" I ask trying to advance my understanding.

"Almost. A chemical change is irreversible. A physical change is reversible. A physical change is usually just a change in state and a chemical change is where a new substance is made therefore a chemical reaction has occurred." she thoroughly explains.

"Wow! You really know your stuff. You're also amazing at explaining. I never understood it in class but as soon as you begin it just seems to click." I say, trying to compliment her.

"Thanks" she replies sweetly.

"So, my ideal chemical reaction would have to be me and you as the reactants and love as the product" I reply flirtatiously.

This is my moment. I have to make a move now. I gaze into her hazel green eyes and smile. She reciprocates my movements. I'm going in. I slowly lower my head. All I can think about are her lips touching mine. I prepare myself for paradise. Paradise never comes. I raise my head to see Emily.

"Look, James, I really like you, but at the moment I'm gonna keep my gold coating, and maybe later you'll get to my francium core. I have to go now, okay?" she apologizes sweetly.

As she leaves, she kisses my left cheek. Soft and sweet.

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