Emily and James

Emily and her friends enter a new world where they don't fit in. They don't have a group to belong to but Emily becomes close to a certain guy and he opens a door for all of them.


8. Talking with Jessica-Emily

"I can't believe he tried to kiss you having only known you for less than a day, I mean, what was he thinking?" asked Jessica.

"I would have liked to have kissed him but- I don't know," I reply.

"Why didn't you?" she questions me, now more confused than ever.

"Iit just didn't feel right. Anyway, I've got to make him work for me, I can't just give myself away that easy," I tell her.

"Good thinking. You don't want him taking you for granted," she agrees.

"Exactly," I reply, almost cheerfully.


All I can think about is James, and how he tried to kiss me. Was it a date? Are we dating? Does he like me? He must like me. Is he a player? What should I do? Have I been flirting with him and not realising? Have I led him on?


I have so many questions but no answers. This is only the first few days of school and there are already this much drama. How am I gonna cope with the rest of Year 9?

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