Emily and James

Emily and her friends enter a new world where they don't fit in. They don't have a group to belong to but Emily becomes close to a certain guy and he opens a door for all of them.


3. Possibility of a love story - Natalie

School. Never was fond of it... What Sophie and I take most interest in, are stories. Especially Romance. They just stood out to us. So did they. Emily and another boy. It's clearly obvious that Emily has developed some feelings for this guy, but sadly, I can't catch his face.


"Are you going to grow your feelings towards that dude?" Sophie slyly asked as she nodded at the direction of the boy.

"'That guy' is James." Emily said, with a great grin written on her face. Just as I thought, she has already developed a crush. I sigh as Sophie stands up and shouts,

"It's only your first day!" Heads turned to face Sophie. Automatically, I laugh as she sits down, blushing, her face transforming into a tomato.


"That's enough." A soft voice which seemed to have a fragment of anger quietened the class, "Today, we're going to do a play."

"Really?" The words fall out of my lips, uncontrollably.

"Yes..." The teacher said, "Anyway, the pairs are..." The teacher mumbles names and I get paired up with Sophie. Well, I guess we're hard to ignore since we share the same face. "...Finally, Emily and James." The teacher finishes. "Be sure to work individually on this project and make sure you don't disappoint me."

"What happens if we do?" Sophie whispered, jokingly. I naturally smile. But my attention is on Emily, her face is red, and I also notice, when James' name was mentioned, she starts.


"I hope this turns to a love story." Unconsciously, I'm whispering to Sophie, she replies with a confused face. Just as I thought, even though Sophie takes interest in romance in stories, she is literally blind to them in real life. A sigh slips through, out of my mouth. I release Sophie out of my concentration and focus on what could be blossoming between Emily and James, "It should be interesting."

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