Emily and James

Emily and her friends enter a new world where they don't fit in. They don't have a group to belong to but Emily becomes close to a certain guy and he opens a door for all of them.


7. Meeting Josh- Jessica

I get a few glimpses of James as he is frequently glancing over to Emily. Also next to him, there is another boy. Well, at least he was when I first saw James. Unintentionally, I heard that his name was Josh. Now you know these facts, you will understand this situation more:


"How do you know my name?" Josh asks after I accidentally say,

"Hi, Josh," when I see him pass by. 'Why??!!' I scream complaints at myself. "I...I-I" I can't think of anything so I decide to choose the truth - well, not all of it. "I-I heard your name before, from my friends, so that's how I know your name." I force a smile. Thank goodness, it is believable. I know that because he smiles back with an innocent smile. My mind switched to 'in awe'. 'No!' I tell myself, 'Just say goodbye, this is bad!' "Err-I-... Bye!" I disguise my voice into a cheerful tone. Just as I walk past Josh, his mouth opens,

"I'll see you later, you and Emily. We're friends, aren't we?"

"Sure." I try to speak normally, but it comes out as a mere sigh. I am more interested in how he knows Emily's name. Probably the same way as how I know his name, I guess?


I shake my head as some theories flash onto my brain. Some made me laugh and some made me quite worried for Emily. Before I can comprehend it, people are looking at me as if I am weird. My expressions must be abnormal to them...oops. I am so embarrassed!

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