She can't love

a girl who had dedicated her life as a chola in the real world, gangster world, and the vampire world. She lost her love a long time ago after she sacrificed herself to Death himself, to spare her lover and his family's life.


6. The plan

2 years passed, at 1:45 p.m. I woke up, I saw Justin sleeping on the chair next to me, then he started to yawn. I said "Good morning, sleeping head, why are you here?" He smiled and said "I wanted to say that I'm sorry that I lied to you and I didn't want anyone get hurt especially you." I asked "Why didn't you tell me the truth?" He said "Because if I told you the truth, he would kill me and my family," I said "Hey, I got a plan but I need you and your word," he nodded, so I told him and everyone about my plan that everyone is going to plan a party at my house but to not invite the ghetto. The next night, everyone was at the party and having fun, then I started to sing a beautiful sad song. Then at midnight, the ghetto started to come on time, the leader saw Justin getting into an 'agruement' with my brother, so brother pulled out his gun, then Justin said "Oh now you wanna play dirty, I could do that!" Justin pulled out a gun, making everyone taking out their guns, I said "Alright, let's not get bloody after all we don't want la policias to come," The leader said "How in the hell are you alive?" I said "Let me tell you something, sweety," he said "What's that?" He pointed at the sky, when I turned around to see what he was pointing at, he pulled the trigger. The gun was pointing at my head, then Angel said "Hermanita, llama la policia!!" I said "Don't worry hermano, nada I mean nada me podria matar."

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