She can't love

a girl who had dedicated her life as a chola in the real world, gangster world, and the vampire world. She lost her love a long time ago after she sacrificed herself to Death himself, to spare her lover and his family's life.


2. The cops

The cops came, then everybody ran except for me and the ghetto, the cops said "Break it up!" I said "You cabron, hijo de puta, asshole!!" The paramedics came to clean up my cuts, then I tried to leave, then the cops said "Hey miss, you're not going anywhere," I said "Por que no?" They didn't understand but one of  the paramedics did understand, he said "She asked why not?" The officer said "cause you and him were in a fight," I told that it was self defense since he hit me first, so they only arrested the leader and let me go with a warning. I went home, everyone was happy and relieved to see me again instead of behind bars, I said "Por que bro?" Richie said "Hey, I'm sorry but the cops had came," I looked at him coldly and said "You need to fucking control that temper of yours." Richie started to mumble something that I couldn't hear him, then there were sirens outside the house, I thought we were going to be arrested for something that we haven't done yet. 

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