She can't love

a girl who had dedicated her life as a chola in the real world, gangster world, and the vampire world. She lost her love a long time ago after she sacrificed herself to Death himself, to spare her lover and his family's life.


8. Saving his mother's vida

Justin ran to his mother's room, Angel said "Veronica, would please," I went to go to see his mother, then his father said "Why is a Mexican doing here?!" Justin was very surprised, then I went to see his mother until his father said "Your kind put my wife in the hospital," I said "I know, but I'm the only one who can help make her better," I went to her side and kissed her forehead. then said "Your welcome, I saved her life." I left and went with Angel, then the whole neighborhood was happy to see me until gunshots were heard in la casa next to mine, I went to see what happen, then I saw Richie was on the floor, I said "What the fuck Richie?!" Richie said "I'm sorry, te quiero mucho," he started to cough up blood, so I bit him and gave him my blood. Everyone started to call me the 'treasure' since I had gifts, Justin married a girl, he found but he visit the neighborhood from time to time. For me, I stayed by Richie's side since I don't trusted him to be alone and I loved him, I finally found love again.

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