She can't love

a girl who had dedicated her life as a chola in the real world, gangster world, and the vampire world. She lost her love a long time ago after she sacrificed herself to Death himself, to spare her lover and his family's life.


3. Los sirens

We went to see what the hell was going on, then the cops was taking a member of the family and gang to jail, then I asked "Hey, why you taking our cuz?" They said "This is none of your business, now go inside!" I said "No, you gringos think that you own us but you don't!!" Everyone started to throw fire crackers, rocks, empty beer bottles and cans, they started to take off the handcuffs and left. Everybody started to throw up gang signs and saying "Chinga tu madre! Get off our terf!!" I helped them to keep everyone safe and sound. The next morning, everyone was getting ready school, work, or for a new day in the neighborhood, then there were shots, it was the ghetto shooting at me. Everyone ran to me to stop the bleeding, I got up and said "I'm fine, I going to fucking murder their ass," then I went to school with a bloody shirt. The ghetto started to look and smirk at me, the group asked "Que paso?" I said "El ghetto were in our neighborhood, again," then one of the staff came, she said "Miss Bucio, let's take you to the nurse's office," I said "Nah, I'm tough, it'll go away in a month or two." Then we went to our boring ass classes, the ghetto started to laugh at something that was stupid, then I came in, then everyone was quiet except for the Mexicans, Blacks, and Japanese. The captain of the cheerleader said "How come this Mexican has be in the class of our terf." I said "What the hell you say you bitch," the whole class got excited, they thought there was going to be a fight until a guy walked in.

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