Change Me

"I was given a task to change you, I was given a task to break your heart. But meeting you again was as finest as it will ever be. And now, I'll give you the pleasure to change me instead."

||cover made by LadyTatetot||


4. Chapter 3

Waking up for the second time today, I checked myself in the mirror.

What a mess, goddamn. The circles under my eyes were visible.

I woke up exactly at 6 to get ready for work. After I shower and gotten ready, I stepped into the living room to find Brianna, lying on her stomach on the couch. Trying my best not to wake her up, I tiptoed to the kitchen to find something to munch on.
I guess I sucked at it since I heard grumbling noises.

Still sinking her face on the couch, she asked, "What time is it?"
After pouring down milk into my bowl, I answered, "6.30, Bri."
She slowly lifted herself but sunk on her back.

"Fuck. Oh my god." She mumbled.
I looked at her silently.
She lied back down on the couch.
I chuckled, "Had a great night?"
She flailed her arms, "Just don't. And be quiet."

I rolled my eyes and stood up to leave.
After whispering goodbye to Bri, I stepped out, exposing myself to the morning breeze. I worked at the bookstore, supporting myself to pay for rent.

Bri worked too, but she works as a waitress at the restaurant down the street, so she usually wakes up a bit late.
The bookstore was a 10 minute walk away, so I usually walked there, unless it was raining, so I would drive.


"Good morning, Dianne." I greeted my manager once I reached the bookstore.
"Hi, Coral. Let's go on a last-minute check before we open up."
I nodded, going to the back to place my bag in the locker. I walked out and checked every row to make sure everything was in place.
This was what I do every morning at work. I check and make sure everything is in place and work alongside Dianne in the morning. There was seldom any people in the morning, so we only needed 2 to work in the morning.

"Alright, let's open up." Dianne announced.
I stood at my usual spot, usually waiting for a customer to enter.
Dianne was at the back, leaving me alone at the store.

I decided to walk around the store and dust the shelves, since I had nothing to do.
Yeah, this is what I do every morning.


"I would have guessed to find you here, Coral."
I heard a voice from the side.
Hair sleeked at the back, wearing black buttoned shirt with the sleeves rolled up, I was looking at the familiar figure again.

"Jack." I smiled.

He formed a small smile with his lips, "There are hardly any people here, it must be boring for you."
"Well it is. But I like it."
"I would hope so."

"So, you're here to buy anything?"
He nodded, handing me a small paper.


A Game of Chance
The Republic
The Art of War
The Birth of a Tragedy


I checked the list again, immediately familiarized by the choice of books.
"A fan of philosophy, I see?"

Same old Jack.

He followed me around the store while I was searching for the 4 books.
It felt uncomfortable, but I found myself ignoring his presence as he walks behind me.
As I handed him the last book, he thanked me and walked to the cashier with me walking behind him.

As I was handling his payment, he spoke, "You know, I haven't seen you here before."
I blurted out a laugh. "You didn't? I worked here for 5 months already."
"Although this is my first time coming here in the morning. I usually come in the evenings."
I handed him the change, "Well, that explains it."
He put the change in his wallet, "So you have a morning shift?"
I nodded.
"Every morning?"
"Except for Sundays."
"Interesting. You'll see me more, then."

I smiled, "Well, it does get pretty boring in the morning."

Before he took his last step out of the store, he left me a wink, "I hope I'll change that."
And he left.

When he left, I contemplated my reflection on the entrance door.

"And who might that be to you?" I heard Dianne's voice from the back.
I was taken a back. A friend? My past crush?
"Ah, he's just an acquaintance."
She gave me a sly smile, "Oh is he?"
I nodded and gave her a smile, "Do I sense some sarcasm in that?"
She shrugged it off, "Oh nothing. It's just weird how you consider him an acquaintance, but he doesn't." 

"Of course he does."
"Yeah, of course."

And then she left, leaving me alone, again, standing at the counter.

I stared aimlessly for as long as I was there.
Mostly just thinking about my encounter with Jack.

Why just Jack, I'm thinking of?

What was I doing?

What was this?
Because I swear to God,
every time he pops up in my mind,

my heart skips a beat.

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