kissing and hating

its about a boy who has a gf and she breaks up with her and the girl is really angry and the man dates another girl.


2. date

Leo "where have u been Jessica I have been waiting for you for an hour now. I need to say something sad to you and you wont like it."


Jessica "omg what is it your breaking up with" she sighs


Leo thinking and thinking should he do this


Leo "nah nah im not breaking up with you I think"


Jessica " why you thinking for are you mad I don't thinking you know who your speaking to. Im  your girlfriend Jessica not Louise I bet your thinking about her because every time at school I see you flirting with her you really do like her"

leo " how are you please and I ask because now I don't know you im breaking up with you now see you later you no what I do like lousise do yh




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