Ocean view

This is a story about love and passion. She is an American, he is an Argentinean. They were not supposed to meet each other. But they did. A bug in the game of the life.


8. Chapter 8


I knew I was loosing her, she was escaping through my hands. The far, another world was calling for her, and suddenly she began to pay attention to this call. I hated American girls, all of them except her. Because they always were like the major in this life, but in the reality they weren’t. She left me. Huh, this day came and I understood the Poema 20 by Pablo Neruda. Damn! The man can’t cry. I won’t. This feeling when you love someone, who doesn’t love you. My whole life I thought that love is something between two, but now I’m drunking by myself in it. And she even doesn’t know it. I decided not to make my life a nightmare, but it is, and this is another lesson, I’ve got from life – not everything is in my hands.

The end



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