Ocean view

This is a story about love and passion. She is an American, he is an Argentinean. They were not supposed to meet each other. But they did. A bug in the game of the life.


5. Chapter 5


      She came stretching the hands to me, as she always did. I loved her, loved! All my soul and heart was in her hands, her gentle hands with a French manicure. Her open big green eyes, which were looking at me with so much hope and happiness, her cheeks, which get blushed as I was saying something about her beauty under the clothes. I was a bad boy and I'm still. But with her all my badness became strength against this cruel world. We were warriors, we were fighting together against everything, against the stupid laws, her parents, my smoke, but never against each other.
She was having bath as I entered the bathroom.
- What had happened? - I asked her feeling some change in her attitude. Actually I always noticed something which was hidden from me under a big shroud of her life in New York.
- Nothing, - she lied, trying to understand how I noticed her inner disorder.
- I know you better than you think, - I smiled kissing her shoulder.
- Te quiero, - she said. She liked talking to me in Spanish, the only language which could express all the passion of this world.
- Lo se, pero que paso? You seem to be worried about something.
- Forgett it! I'm a stupid girl.
- This I know too, you are with me and only loca can be with a madman.
- You're not mad, - she laughed. I every time could make her laugh!
- Common, we're going to the party! - I said trying to let her bad emotions go back to the goddamn America, where they came from.
- Did somebody invite us to a party?
- We are invited to the greatest party ever, honey. To life!

    This evening was one of the best in my life! – Jacky thought, - We went to one of this cozy cafes on the Avenida Atlantica, which were full of laugh, life and love. I was happy, this was the most important thing for me, I think I deserved this happiness. I understood how stupid I was thinking that my duty is to say Goodbye to this Mojito-life and began a serious career in the big anthill, which they call Wall Street! I was the only child and my father owned a big company there. But I didn't care! I had no duties! Nothing! I was free!
- El viento es un caballo, oye lo como corre por el mar, por el cielo! - Ricardo was saying the words of Pablo Neruda - his favorite poet.
    I liked him too, especially his poem 20, Ricardo liked it though, but said that he hopes never understand the meaning of its words. I didn't understand him at that time.

We were walking down the water edge, kissing, laughing, enjoying our life and love. I wish everybody could feel this sense of being human. Free human.

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